HELP!!! MULBERRY HANDBAG...real or fake

  1. Hi there

    1. Pictures are really small. She has v little feedback and no paypal. For that reason I would stay clear!

    2 Need more pictures but she sells a LOT of mulberry bags. Slightly worrying

    3 I 'think' this is ok but I would ask for further pictures (of the inside)

    4 I have only ever seen a bronze once - in an outlet store. However she also doesn't accept paypal so I personally wouldn't risk it as there is no protection.

  2. Hi~ RachelA…Thanks4 ya reply:crybaby:

    Why PayPal is important?

    Do u think the ledbury could b a shoulder bag?

    I’ll ask4 the pictures of the 3rd one but the auction is ending soon.

  3. oh no...the seller of the choc LEDBURY WILL NOT POST ITEMS OUTSIDE THE U.K :tdown:
  4. 1st pics too small, choc tooled Bayswater (Fake), choc Ledbury this looks authentic.
  5. The only one that appears genuine to me is the third one.