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  1. Hi all. I recently purchased the Mulberry Emma from eBay and just received it today. I'm so excited because it truly is a gorgeous bag (even though it is on the heavy side). I had it authenticated by a few fellow TPFers and it has a Nordstrom tag on it, so I believe it's real and I think that I did get it for a steal?

    Okay.... here is the problem. The Mulberry tree on the hardware of the right side of the front pocket has rubbed off. You can see the tree but the black shading is gone. If you look at the seller's pictures, she clearly turned the lock so you couldn't tell when viewing her close up pictures. That was pretty crappy of her. :hrmm: Here it is.

    I'm not sure what to do. I love the bag and it was a good deal, but could you all live with this? Do you know if this problem is normal?

    :sos: Thanks all for your help.
  2. The tree should basically be engraved into the hardware. Is it printed on the hardware and rubbing off? That's not normal. The hardware on one of my Mulberry bags is becoming a lighter color, but the tree is still visible. Do you have a pic?
  3. ^^ I'd echo that sense of surprise. The reason being I have sold a lot of Mulberry bags I bought years ago (over a decade) on eBay in the last 12 months and on everyone of them the tree on the tag was visible despite the decidedly vintage state of the bags . . .it doesn't automatically mean it is fake though. There may be lots of reasons we don't know about like storage, odd imperfections etc but I would question it I guess to try to understand it better.
  4. Well, here's the thing... The one that is coming off is engraved. You can feel the engraving and see it. I hope it shows in the picture. I've included a picture of the other hardware that is okay. What do you think? Should I ask Mulberry directly?
    mulberry1.JPG mulberry2.JPG
  5. Just an update - I sent an e mail to Mulberry. I didn't tell them it was from eBay. I said it was a gift (to myself heh heh) and had Nordstroms tags on it. The seller also emailed to see if I liked it. Both have the pictures. So, we shall see. I still really believe it's authentic. Does anyone want to sell me swamp land in Florida?:lecture:

    --- Oh, just a side note. If anyone remembers that I was going to buy an Emmy off the official website. I went to check-out and it ended up being twice this price at the very least with duties and shipping so I stopped to think about it and when I returned they were gone. Will I ever learn?
  6. Okay, I sort of feel like I'm talking to myself:shrugs:. Well, it is good therapy. :idea: My seller wrote back to me and here is her response. I really feel like she's telling the truth. Does anyone care to comment?

    Hi, Susan.

    Thanks for including the photo so that I knew, right away, exactly what you were talking about. I have two other Emmys and they are both like this on the small trees around the postman's locks. On your bag, are they all like that? On mine most are completely without any color and some are very light or half-colored. I'm surprised at myself for missing this detail. I've been in possession of about two dozen Mulberry bags this year since I got lucky twice when Nordstrom was clearing out their stock of the previous season's bags. I would have thought that maybe these just went straight to the outlet because of an imperfection like this except for one of them, I bought directly at the store and it's like that as well. I currently have two Emmys and an Alana and on the small locks, the trees are all like this. I'll try to call the Mulberry store in LA and see what they think. Nordstrom doesn't carry the full line any longer so I doubt I'll get much of an answer from them.

    I understand where you're coming from though. I'm a handbag junkie as well. One thing I can say, though, is that Mulberrys are quirky. I know this because they're my favorites and I've owned many over the past few years. The quality is second to none but many other features aren't consistant. I bought a wallet once from a website called They're sort of like a smaller version of net-a-porter. A friend had told me about this website and said that they sell only new and authentic items and the prices are really good. Anyhow, I got the wallet and was convinced that it was fake. The trees on the rivets didn't look right. The Darwin leather was a funny texture. It didn't smell like my other pieces. They assured me that they only sell authentic items blah, blah, blah. I was so mad. I went to Nordstrom and had them order me the same wallet. When it arrived, I went to see it and it was exactly the same as the one I'd bought from fashionsteal.

    So, I think this thing with the trees is just something that's usual for this mode. I'll also check with Mulberry though just to see what they say.

  7. :happydance:Back again with the ending to my saga. Notice the happy dance:smile: The seller contacted Mulberry and asked me to call them. So, I spoke to the store manager and she said that those tiny trees on the front do rub off because they are very small and barely engraved. She was holding several that were rubbed a bit. She said all the other deep engravings won't. So, I guess I am the proud owner of a Mulberry Emmy. I'm still trying to decide if I love it, but at least I know it's real.

    Thank you to the two TPF members who helped me when I was buying the bag. You two are the best.
  8. Good to hear all is well!! :tup:
  9. Good news!
  10. Congrats - glad to hear that it ended well.