HELP! Mud on suede pumps--cleaning advice, please!!!

  1. OK. I have a pair of Fendi black suede pumps that are my favorite-est shoes in the world (I won my first jury trial in them--major sentimental and good luck value).

    But I got mud (dried by now) on them after a night out recently.


    Can anyone give me tips/advice on cleaning them? I'm not sure if I should use water (probably not, right?), a brush or what?

    Can you pretty please help me? I'm abroad in the 3rd world and they're the only heels I brought (stupid, I know, I know!).
  2. When the mud is completely dry you should use a soft shoe brush (one that is made for suede) to get the dirt off.
    If the suede is flat you can hold the shoe over steam - boil some water and hold the boots over it for a minut - that will make the skin "lift". remember to waterproof your boot after this.

    Hope this helps