Help! Moving cross-country - how do I transport my bags?

  1. Ladies, I really need your help. I've been living in Los Angeles for the past 7 years, with a lot of closet space and a serious purse obsession. Suffice it to say, I have a TON of bags, in all shapes, designs and sizes. Because I want to be closer to my family, and because I'm getting married, the fiance and I have decided to move East. The majority of our things, like furniture and books, will go in a large moving truck and transported over by professional movers. But I'm worried about boxing up my precious babies and sticking them in a truck for someone else to take care of. Even with insurance, I've heard moving horror stories - boxes getting crushed, magically lost, etc.

    In an ideal world, I'd rent a rhinestone-encrusted U-haul lined in puffy pink pillows for my babies, and I'd drive it across myself. The reality is, I have 1 month to move everything from West to East to make back in time for my wedding. Can you say STRESS? :crybaby:Even if we drove our car loaded up with our personal things, it's only a mid-size sedan. That would fit, um, maybe 1/3. Help! What should I do? Do any of you ladies have experience with this?

    Thanks in advance! :shame:
  2. My only experience with it isn't so good. I lost my home in a tornado this past summer. Sad I know, but I have an even better home now so I'm over it!!! Anyways my bags were in a closet and they made it fine but with everything going on I didn't think about it. Then the insurance company sent in a team of people who specialize in recovering and storing property and they packed up everything and left. I only realized it when I got our things back and started unpacking that they had stuffed them all in boxes as many as they could fit. I was a wee bit stressed when I started unpacking them and they were no longer the shapes they were supposed to be. Most of them have recovered but a few definitely are the worse for the wear. I would recomend boxes with packing peanuts to help keep them from rubbing against one another and from being squished.
  3. I would probably fill the bags with tissue, put them in their dustbags and then put them all into storage containers padded with something soft (towels, sheets, tshirts would be good since you have to move them anyway) and then rent a u-Haul and drive them myself....
  4. I can feel your pain!!! When we moved back to the US from Hong Kong...there was no way, I was putting my bags on a boat...not to be seen for 3 months!! Nor was I checking them in with the be lost by the airlines! As well as my 3 kids...and all their large bag was carried on the plane with all of my most precious handbags. A hassle...but well worth it!
  5. TrulyWild - Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry about what happened with your home and bags! I'm glad you got them back, though, and I hope you were able to tissue-stuff them back into shape. I can relate to the natural disaster aspect - in CA, many homes are constantly under fire or mudslide threat.
  6. I think if you pack them well and use the strong china boxes the movers have it will work out. I personally claimed my bags seperate on the movers papers to get them for the value they were. My mover guy was really nice and made a list of each bag and the price. Funny thing was he knew what LV was and said he would make sure they arrived safe and sound. They did.
    Is there anyway you can pack them inside each other and put some in the trunk? Of couse wrapped in nice sturdy luggage. I have also done this.
  7. How about:
    -stuff handbags with tissue paper.
    -put handbags in their sleeper bags.
    -buy huge Rubbermaid 40 gallon bins to hold the bags.
    -have movers pack up the bins (which have been packed & taped up by you).
  8. Can your sedan tow a small trailer? If so, rent one for your bags (and whatever else).
  9. These are all great ideas. Does anyone know if your house insurance carries over during a move? Or if you have to insure everything separately with the movers? (I got the shoes to think about too, you see...)
  10. ^ If I remember correctly it's covered in the movers' fees, but only up to a certain amount and you only have x amt of days to file a claim, which they can deny if they don't think it's legit. You probably would have to pay extra charges if you want extra insurance...
  11. I agree with pp about the tissue paper.
  12. wat about those big plastic storage cases? id be worried that a cardboard box might give if its packed under something heavy. other than that, id go with tissue and duster bags :smile: good luck
  13. If you don't trust the moving co., you could carefully box them up yourself, use tissue & peanuts and then UPS them to your destination!
  14. I don't think you can trust movers with them. My bags, when I move, are going in the car. If they don't all fit, ship them (then you can pack them yourself, ship overnight, and they're only in someone else's hands for 24 hours) to your family since you said they live closer to the new house. It's expensive, but you can get insured for the value, you can track the package, etc. There's a reason that NYC diamond dealers ship their stones with UPS: They're trustworthy. Movers: Not so much.
  15. Perfect solution IMO. Except for the last could pull a UHaul with the bins in there and move them yourself, along with other valuable items that you don't want to give to the movers.