Help!! More Messenger pics wanted!

  1. Hello wonderful, beautiful LV people. I'm a bbag girl at heart:yes: but do have some LV pieces like the classic speedy 30 both in damier and mg. Love them both to pieces!

    I was thinking about getting a messenger bag, like the bosphore gm or abesses, maybe even a bastille. I've searched the photos section and not too many modeling pics. I'd like to know if you guys can help me out in posting some more modeling pics. ;) Thanks in advance!!:tup:
  2. My Abbesses.. just to give you some ideas.
    DSC00240.JPG new kevin 3.jpg
  3. Thanks sooo much, OnMyMiNd04. Looks fab on you! :tup:How do you like it.? I'm going back to school (yet again) and I'd like to make sure my laptop and some books will fit! :confused1:
  4. I am not too much into messenger bags like I used to be. I think it's a beautiful bag... however the inside isn't as big as I thought it would be. I would definitely recommend going to the store and bringing a book and some other stuff to put in one to make sure it fits your school supplies. :smile:

    P.S. Thanks for the compliments! :smile:
  5. Great idea!:tup: You are welcome!:okay:
  6. I might recommend the Reporter GM. Going to school, I always hated the flap the messengers had; it always took me forever to get in and out of my bag. The Reporter can fit a laptop, a few big books, and some odds.
  7. Thanks! will got to lv website to look at this now!:yes: