Help!! Monogram Impression Besace

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  1. help!! does anyone have a Monogram Impression Besace? or has seen it in person? what do you guys think? it measures around 19 x 16." is it too big to be worn messenger style? i've seen muckidu's modelling pics here.. (post #1356) looks ok..but i saw another pic and it looks too big! i'm really surprised to see how huge it is!

    i'm around 5'2 and 115 lbs...should i get it? thanks guys!
  2. I have purchased both the Besace and Sac Weekend. Beautiful pieces but i think the Besace would be too large for someone yor height. I am 5'11" and it looks perfect for me.
  3. pics please
  4. I will post pics tomorrow
  5. Hi oldrobbie! congrats on your sac weekend and besace! i bet it looks great on you! i love this line even if it's for men! i think the Impression besace is made for taller people! lol! i really like it so much I was hoping it would look ok on me, (our lv store doesn't have it so i can't try it in person) thanks for your reply! and yes please post modelling pics!
  6. looks huge - and I'm 5"2 as well. It might look like luggage on me... but depends - do you love big bags?
  7. i love big bags! i want space for my things even if i don't fill it! lol! but if you look at the facebook link i posted, it looked like a sack on the girl who was wearing's really huge!
  8. Here are some photos of my 2 bags, I believe the Spring/Summer 2011 LV collection for men is one of the best in years.

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  9. Wow! You look great! Congrats!!
  10. wow. OP i think this bag is too big for you.... maybe you can try it on you to see how it looks on you. oldrobbie you rock the bag !!
  11. Both look great on you:smile: