Help! Mono speedy canvas lighter than my bv canvas, the yellow designs...

  1. Hi, thank you taking a moment to read my thread. I just noticed today upon looking at both my mono pieces that the yellow designs(LV, fleurs etc.) on my mono speedy are easily 2 shades lighter than the yellow designs on my batignolles vertical's canvas! I wish I had a picture of the two bags side by side and def. have to take one to demonstrate this.

    I bought both bags new from eluxury very recently and barely wore either. I have not worn the bv at all, I got it only a week ago. The speedy I wore maybe 3x for 20 min. a shot, basically the bag is as new as can be. My mono speedy came to me w/ the plastic on the handles but no paper around the hardware of the handles like my damier speedy did.

    Basically my question you have color variation between your mono pieces? Is one mono bag/accessory a bit lighter in the yellow designs compared to another mono item you have?

    Wow, I'm kind of down about this trivial thing, bummer. I looked on elux, searching for a bag that has light designs and the mono speedy 40 looks like my bag color wise. Please check it out if you can to tell me what you think.
  2. Different batches of canvas will yield variations of shade and texture of each bag produce. Yes, I do have several Monogram pieces that are not alike.
  3. I have heard that they can vary - not every canvas will be exactly the same as the other. But I am not 100% sure about this. Yikes.
  4. my last trip to Bangkok LV shop at Emporium boutique, the sales guy told me that canvas will have different color, some is lighter and some is darker due to different badge to produce the canvas. He has showed me several bag in different color of mono canvas, he let me choose. He told me that some customer will prefer lighter color and some will prefer darker color. Hope this information will help u.
  5. I've heard of this from some others, but I haven't ever noticed it on any pieces that I've had. I have noticed differences in the patinas on some bags from the store or Elux, but that is to be expected depending how much time they sit in the store, etc. As far as the canvas itself, none of my pieces have ever been different shades.
  6. Awww thanks guys *heaves sigh of relief*!!

    I really appreciate your information on this, I feel so much better, thanks((((cyber hugs to you guys)))) I was feeling not so good about my precious bags, lol. I actually like the lighter mono canvas on the speedy, which I'm happy about bec. that's my favorite bag of all of them.

  7. Yay! I'm glad you're worrying is over. :biggrin:
  8. thank you (((John))) me too! It was a strange/numb hour that I had this evening, wondering what was up with my bag, lol. I even wondered momentarily if there was a switcheroo and my bag was a fake, I'm not too paranoid, right? :nuts:
  9. No worries, I have a couple LVs whose canvas is a little more...khaki-ish (the LVs) and my Damier canvases definitely look different too!

  10. Thanks (((Karman))) for your reassurance. It's good to know about damier having variation as well, thanks for that info. I have two damier, the mini papillon and the speedy and there was the slightest difference between the two, ever so subtle but thought I was imagining it actually, now I know I wasn't lol!
  11. Good to know! Thanks
  12. its just the variation of the bags. thats what you get when they're all handmade and such.
  13. Yes, this happened with my special order Damier Speedy 25 vs. my Damier Speedy 30. The canvas on the 25 is slightly lighter than the 30.
  14. I can 100% attest to this!!! Might I stress the 100%. Prior to today, I had thought they were all the same. That was how I differentiated the fakes from authentics. One time I walked into the botique to look at the mono cles and thought 'WOW! that looks so much like a fake!" Well, I now have 2 pochettes... one made in Spain, one in USA... now I dontknow if "made in" normally makes a difference but for these pochettes it certainly did. I took pics which I will post in a day or few more but on one the mono canvas is darker, shinier, and the texture is much smoother, the monogram shows up more. The other one is not as shiny, a lighter brown shade and the texture is much bumpier, you can certainly feel the difference! In person, you can tell but it was hard to pick up in pictures. Also, the gold colored rings on the pochette differed in shade. One was a light gold while the other was more true gold colored. This was apparent in the pics. So yes, there MOST DEFINITELY is a difference!!