Help! Mono Neverfull GM vs BH


Neverfull GM vs BH

  1. Keep the BH, no wimpy straps!

  2. Sell the BH, get a mono neverfull

  3. Keep the BH and get a mono and a damier neverfull

  4. Try another bag (post your suggestions)

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  1. I've been using my BH as a baby bag, and since I only have to deal with diapers it hasn't been too bad, but I've fallen in love with the Neverfull bags. I've always secretly regretted the "cinched" look that the BH has since it limits the capacity, and to have the buckles open just looks silly. I'm definitely going to get the Damier Neverfull when it comes out in November, but do you think I should sell my BH and get a mono neverfull instead? My BH was a valentine's day gift from DH, but his thought is "it's just a bag" so it really only has sentimental value for me, but I'm just too sentimental. :crybaby:Or do I keep it and get both neverfulls? I'm at a point in my collecting that I have so many bags that I feel some of them are being neglected and I'm afraid my BH will get pushed aside. :sad: I've also made a decision to stop buying things from the regular monogram line and to branch out to other LV lines, so buying the mono neverfull would break that rule, plus there's the strap issue to think about...

    Someone help me!!
  2. keep the BH for now and get the Damier Neverfull later on..
  3. you think you can sell your other bags that you're not using (at least from what you implied on your post)? I'd keep the BH and get the damier neverfull...I'm not too fond of the mono...
  4. Keep the BH vote here. I'm not a fan of the Neverfull.
  5. I've been curious on which is better to use as a baby bag. I don't have a baby yet but we plan to in a year. Since I don't buy but 1 or 2 LV a year, either of them I may get as my next purchase. Which would fit baby stuff better? I would probably keep the BH and get the NF in Damier...if you can hold out that long. :yes:
  6. Keep the BH and get the neverfull in damier.

    The BH is a great bag, and your collection would be more varied if you didn't end up with 2 neverfulls!
  7. Well if you're not a fan of the cinched look of the BH sell it. Otherwise i'd say wait for the damier neverfull and have a nice change to your BH.

    I have the BH and just love it. I know its not a bag i'm going to sell. I plan on getting a neverfull and might go wit the damier since its worry free but i'm going with the PM (its going to replace my speedy)
  8. I think that's what I'm leaning towards. I really do love my BH... I think I'm just excited about the Neverfull and can't wait till November for a new bag. :crybaby:

    But I don't really need another bag... I already have 6 baby bags in addition to my others. I'll have to post pics of my collection this weekend!
  9. I would totally keep your BH and get the damier neverfull when it comes out in azur.
  10. I'd also keep the BH and get the Damier Neverfull. IMO you don't need both the Mono Neverfull and the BH.
  11. I vote to keep the BH! I'm not a fan of the skinny straps of the Neverfull.
  12. I think you should keep the BH it is such a great bag. I also agree that since the neverfull will be out fairly soon in Damier I would wait and get that instead of mono.