Help! Mono compact zippe or portefeuille accordeon wallet?

  1. I bought the monogram compact zippe, but i'm not sure whether i should exchange it for the portefeuille accordeon wallet????? I've been eyeing the accordeon for months now but haven't seen it in real life yet.

    When i was there buying my bag, my SA didn't seem too interested when i asked him what he thought of the accordeon so i thought i'd get something small like the compact zippe.

    NOW i'm thinking..the zippe is abit too fat, even though it's small and cute. My mind for the last few days has been on the accordeon.

    Can you guys make recommendations PLEASE??? What do you like and don't like about each wallet?

    (btw i have the trocadero 27 mono bag)
  2. Personally, I love the Accordeon because it's such a unique wallet. I love the little gold chain that is attached to it too--adds a touch of class :yes: You can use the Accordeon as a clutch, but not the compact wallet.
  3. Thing is, i'm not sure whether it will look silly with my wallet being almost the same size as my bag...even though the accordeon is thin-ish but it's long 7.5" whereas my bag is 10".

    I love the chain too!
  4. I prefer the compact zippe or the smaller accordeon wallet...I didn't really like the chain on the larger one:shame:
  5. ITA with Karman. I also loved the accordeon because it's so different.
  6. Me too! my next mono wallet will be for sure the Accordeon:yes:
  7. I have the mono accordeon and I love it!! I don't really use it with the chain that often because I don't want the chain to scratch my cell phone.

    It's super useful and all the compartments let's me organize all my stuff very well! I LOVE it! I think it's a great blend of beauty and practicality. Personally I find things that are slimmer to be easier to fit in any bag instead of things that are wider.

    I love it so much that I've even considered getting another one in Damier!
  8. ^^Wow - I just received mine from elux yesterday and have already decided to send it back. It is too hard to get in and out of for me. It didn't have enough card slots, either. I only have 2 credit cards, but I have lots of other id's and gift cards that I carry around. I also received a PTI, which I will be keeping. It is much more convenient for me. I really liked the way the accordeon looked, though.
  9. I think the accordeon is a little too falt also. Even though it has a zip coin pocket, to me, it felt that it was a little difficult to take out the coins. That's why I got the Pochette wallet. But if you have a small bag like the Trocadero 27, then maybe you should consider a smaller wallet like the Tresor wallet in Vernis???
  10. mono compact zippe is more easy to use
  11. hmm.. strange, I guess different people use it in different ways? The PTI bugs me how it flaps open into basically sorta like a brochure where when you open it up it's so huge. I have difficulty holding it and getting what I want in and out of that. Plus I don't like the huge pouch in the middle.

    My accordeon has 6 official slots well I guess 7 including the middle top one on top of the 6 regular cc slots. Then I have TONS of other cards - business cards mine and other peoples, frequent stamp cards, points cards, gift cards, transit card. Excluding my own business cards, I fit 29 different cards in my accordeon plus cash plus receipts etc. and coins in the front compartment. No other wallet I know can do all this for me and still stay organized. Although I do have a vernis pochette wallet coming my way which I'm going to try out because I needed a wallet to match a MC bag.

    I guess it's just personal preferences. I'm not a big fan of wallets that look like they could become and inch or more thick - which I could see happening with a compact zippe. The width/length (?) of the longer rectangular wallets allow me to space the cards so that my wallet doesn't end up being so thick.

    But I could see how a longer wallet may be annoying to get out of your trocadero (depending on how much stuff you put in there).. and also what kind of stuff. The other stuff I carry in my bags are more flat like agenda, magazines - so the flatness of the accordeon suits my purpose. Would you be able to go to the store and try how an accordeon fits into your trocadero? Someone else's suggestion about the pochette wallet may also work for you if you're interested in the longer rectangular type of wallets.
  12. my friend has the mono accordeon and i must say I LOVE IT!!!! the damier accordeon is next on my list! but i'm happy with my koala wallet for now!
  13. Oh, don't let ur SA affect ur buying either wallet (although it'd be nice to hear an opinion from someone at the store..)...u sound like u'd really rather prefer the why not bring ur bag down to the store with u (if feasible), see the accordeon IRL and make comparisons with the compact zippe there? U'll have a better idea then as to which u should go with...let us know ur decision eventually! Good luck and really either wallet is pretty!
  14. just a lil friend uses the small bagnitolles (whatever) it's easily put in and taken out of
  15. jadecee - I was being very careful with the wallet because I had ordered two and planned to send the one I didn't like back. I didn't want to stuff it or stretch it too much just in case I wanted to return it. When you first get it, it is really flat.

    I'm tall, and my hands are too big to comfortably get cards in and out of the accordeon. One that opens all the way is just easier for me. If a person has larger hands, they might want to consider that. I really wanted the accordeon - I think it is too cute!