Help ! Money order question

  1. I have searched on money order in this forum,but did not find
    the answer to my question. So please help.
    If the buyer wants to pay by money order, (I will only
    accept postal money order) I assume I have to provide them
    my name and mailing address so they can send the money order
    to me. Is that all the info I need to provide them ? Sorry if
    this seems like a dumb question. I have never use money order before.
    Also I can cash the money order in post office right ? There won't be
    a possible scam if I only ship the item after I cash the money
    order in the post office ?
  2. Yes, just name and mailing address and you can cash it right at the post office.
  3. i directly deposit money order at my bank. it's made out to my name and address on it already.
  4. If you cash at the Post Office be sure you go in with your drivers license or another form of photo id ~ they need it to cash it. I much prefer to do this than deposit at my never know - have a fear of it being bogus and being zinged for it or something... :yes:
  5. ^^Agree with above. I prefer to cash the USPS money order at the post office. I just cash it and then send the package off at the same visit.