Help! Mon mono neverfull or just plain mono?

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Should I get a mon mono neverfull or a plain one?

  1. *

    Mon mono

    36 vote(s)
  2. Plain

    30 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi everyone :smile: So I can't decide whether or not I should get a mon mono neverfull mm or just get it in plain mono. I currently have a damier ebene speedy 30. I really like that a mon mono neverfull would stand out, but I like the versatility of the plain one. Any help? :shrugs:
  2. I like the mon about choosing more neutral colors so that you will feel comfortable carrying it with several colors. I recently saw one with the ivory and navy stripes/ivory interior and it was beautiful!
  3. I like plain mono for everyday uses. It always matches whatever you are wearing. But a mon mono Neverfull would b really cool for every once in a while or traveling purposes.
  4. plain mono
  5. I much prefer plain mono personally
  6. Plain!!
  7. I think the mono would be a better option, and save for an SLG mon mono which you can carry in your new Neverfull :graucho:
  8. Mon Mono!!!:heart: Mono Neverfulls are everywhere! Plus you can get a matching color interior with a Mon NF.
  9. Yes I was thinking about getting the dark red color with ivory :smile:
  10. Mon mono!
  11. I voted for plain mono, but I do love the mon mono. My personal reason for not getting a mon mono? If/when I get married & my last name changes, I want the bag to match! It's funny, I have tons of things heat-stamped with my current last initial, but I think the prospect of paying that much more for a mon mono is what keeps me waiting til I tie the knot! (What will happen to my heat-stamped bags, you wonder? I'll deem them "vintage" haha!)

    But if you're a normal person and not worried about silly things like me...then go for the mon mono! Personally I'd be worried the personalization would come off with time/heavy use, and feel the plain would go with way more things.
  12. I'm not too concerned about getting married since im only 19 and apparently the paint on the bags goes on before they seal it :smile:

  13. What do you mean about matching interior color? Are you talking about the interior fabric lining of the bag itself?
  14. I agree!
  15. yep :smile: