Help! Mom's Birthday Celebration Ideas

  1. Hi. Since there are so many creative fabulous tPFers, I need your advice and help figuring out how to celebrate my mom's birthday. It's a very important birthday for her and I want it to be special. I have a little over a month to plan/implement this....

    My sister said that she hinted at wanting a party but I don't know if that's the best idea. I don't know all her friends, plus I don't like many of the ones I know (I know it's her birthday so I will be nice, but so many are rude and condescending to her ...). If I throw a large party people will be offended if they aren't invited (sort of like a wedding...). Perhaps a smaller party is better? ... Where should I throw the party? Any ideas for themes? Etc.?

    Or should I ditch the idea of a party altogether? If so, what should I do? Have a dinner at a restaurant? Go on some sort of getaway? Etc.? I want to do something special!

    I need ideas! Especially from people from Michigan (Detroit/Ann Arbor)! :flowers:

    Some constraints/issues:
    * sisters in college (they won't be able to take time off to celebrate)
    * family/friends politics -- do I have to invite people I consider bad for my mom? It's her day, right? Do I have to be diplomatic? (Do I have to invite the cousins who just take advantage of my immediate family?)
    * young cousins -- do I have to invite them? (They just complicate things because they aren't always the most well-behaved)
    * I am planning this with minimial help (so far) from out of state

    Overall, I want my mom to have a good time. She loves nice things but is the type who will balk if you obviously spend too much money on her. I want her to feel beautiful and appreciated.

    Thanks so much! :flowers:
  2. Well, it sounds like a party is a land mine. Would she like a mother-daughter spa day or something low key like that?
  3. I think she wants a celebration ... that's why she hinted to my sister about the party....
  4. Could you just ask her if she wants a party?
  5. I could ... but I throw a party I'd rather throw a surprise party.... So I'm trying to come up with ideas before resorting to asking her what she wants.
  6. If you have a party you have to invite those she would want you to invite, it seems to me. Problem is, if anyone gets mad about not getting invited they might give your mom a hard time...yuck.
  7. I know. That's what I'm afraid of!

    I feel like I've exhausted all restaurant options in Michigan too, if I decide to throw it at a restaurant!
  8. Hey Sonya! Why not have a catered party at home if you're tired of restaurants? Hire some waiters and a great chef to do in-kitchen cooking. I would invite whomever you think your mom wants there, even if you think they're toxic friends!
  9. What about an open house, rather than a full fledged party...that works well for me, since people can come and go...not too structured, but still a celebration for her!