HELP!! Moldy Gucci!

  1. Well apparently I need to get a dehumidifier...I got my Gucci out yesterday and it had MOLD all around one corner. The Mold is on the fabric, any suggestions to clean it off?

    I also have mold on leather gloves...

  2. HHHUUUUHHHH????? WHAT???? Are you serious?? You must be fuming......!!
    Who told you this? An SA? Do you open your windows very often - that should stop it happening again surely? Wow never heard of this one..... sorry I have no experience with mould on a bag............. but I hear keeping air circulating stops mould in the bathroom???? so maybe...
    All the best with this one I would be interested to see what advice you receive. Best of luck......
  3. WAIT!!! I had a thought (not on how to fix it but to how it might have happened....) Did you maybe wear the gloves the last time you wore the bag... maybe spilled something or touched something with them that has grown mould???
  4. Neither..
    the bag and the gloves are both sitting on my hall shelf and that's near the door and air doesn't circulate on that area very well. In general this country is very humid and mold is relatively common. I sometimes have the same issue with shoes in that hallway but my shoes are mostly under $100 so I just throw those away. Not throwing away a gucci thought lol.
  5. Oh no!!! i'm' sorry this has happened! :sad: I don't think i'll be of any help since I have not yet experienced any mold on my bags. But i'm super interested in seeing our experts' advise on this particular situation. Goodluck, i'm sure there's a way to get those mold out.
  6. i wonder if you take it to gucci if they could clean it???
  7. hmmm seems the best idea shorty... if it is humid where you live you might niot be the first to go to them wih this problem....
  8. Is it like a chalky white mold? A friend of mine had the same problem....her closet is located on the other side of her bathroom so I can imagine that her closet justs pretty humid at time. Anyway, she was advised that she could just wipe the leather with a soft cloth to remove the mold....not sure what you could do about mold on fabric though.
  9. is it white chalky mold? you might want to try to air it out and take off the chalky stuff outside so that it doesn't spread. chalky mold is dormant mold and can become active again if the conditions are right again. after getting the chalky stuff use a hand vacuum to try to take any that might still be on your bag. you could then continue to let it air out inside.

    this what i do when i find things with mold where i work. i'm an archivist btw.
  10. I don't really know what kind of mold. I will take a picture of the bag and gloves and post it on there later today.
  11. okay I took pics of the Gucci and coach gloves. Same type mold. The lighting in the pics is kinda funky but its basically green, and kind of dusty/furry :yucky::throwup:

    Oh I should mention, it happened with the gloves once before but it was only a little bit, so I wiped it off but as you can see it came back. So I guess I didn't get rid of it, or maybe I needed to let it dry outside?
  12. omg thats scary! i leave all my bags in a dustbag in my closet and our apt is very hot.... so hot that my chocolate melts in my room (sister pays the bills so i really don't have a say in things). fl not a cool place either.. i hope nothing happens. GL i'll be checking in here to see what ppl say!!