help! - moisturizing silver (bimetal) spy

  1. hi all... i last posted seeking advise about how to moisturize a silver bimetal spy. most of you have had success with a variety of moisturzer from coach to applegarde to lovinmybags but with 'normal' leather spy.

    i ordered some mositurizer and cleanser from lovinmybags. there are so many kinds of moisturizer that it was confusing. i emailed them seeking advise but never received a reply so i went ahead and made a judgement call and ordered the "feel soft moisturizer" and "ultimate moisturizer".

    none of which, i am sad to report, seem to be working on my silver bimetal spy's dry patches. in fact, it seemed to have "flattened" some of its veins/bubbles :wtf: (but perhaps this is just me being paranoid since i heard about this effect on balenciaga motorcycle bags... so i can't be sure since the difference is slight at this point). i reapplied the "feel soft moisturizer", i thought i was most generous and if there were to be any reaction it should have happened by then. the left over of the moisturizer in the sponge i was using was applied to one of my balenciaga motorcycle bags and it turned the leather shinny. so that was another confirmation in my mind that i had applied enough moisutrizer on my bimetal silver spy up to that point.

    any of you can help me...? some of the dry patch now is less coarse to touch, but some are still too coarse compared to its original condition. after all that...

    i am rather desperate here.... :sad:
  2. Hi, if I was you I would take the bag into see the manager of your Fendi store near you, and let them see what they could do for you. I do not put stuff on my spys and would only do it with an all leather one if it really really needed it. I would never attempt to put anything on my couture spys or spys that are not all leather as really think you could cause damage. I also think anything metallic needs be be specially treated.
  3. oh noo..... i am looking at it now and wonder if i have ruined it. the last time i went into a boutique here and ask for some advise on my bag i was practically told i was on my own. that really REALLY put me off (even though they were really nice about it). so i did not bother going into fendi for this one. my spy is from jomashop. do you think fendi boutique will still entertain me...? from your experience saich, do they have special product they can recommend us like coach has for theirs or LV with their mink oil, etc?

    thanks so much saich. i am so anxious at the moment for my beloved spy (my one and only, and i adore her...)
  4. I would not tell them you got the bag from Jomashop, just say you got it from Fendi somewhere and ask the manager for advice. I really would not put anything on this bag without them telling you.

    I always think its a good idea to build a good relationship with your SA and Managers. I know that if ever I got a problem I would take it to Fendi and they would fix it.