Help modern chain tote

  1. I was in Neiman's yesterday and someone returned a black modern chain large tote and i bought it but am unsure about keeping it. i have a gst in black with silver that is kind of too heavy that i am thinking about returning. is the mc tote heavy too? i think it is a lot more fun than the gst!:confused1:
  2. I have the smaller MC tote in black (more square shaped) and I find it heavy. But I adore the chain and the edgier funky look. But I don't wear it every day because of its weight. It didn't help that it is lined in leather and not fabric...that adds to the weight as well.
  3. thanks for the input! i may have to put my stuff in it for a couple of days and walk around the house to see if i get back pain! i was using the gst for about 2 weeks and wondering why my right back hurt and i finally figured it out. i usually carry balenciaga because of the weight issue but was lured in by the mc!:s
  4. The modern chain is heavy...I only have the flap and I find it heavy after wearing it for awhile. But I LOVE every item in the MC line.
  5. The MC is heavy but I get compliments on it each and everytime I use it. I have the large E/W tote and I can fit my brand new apple laptop in there. I don't care how heavy it is - I love it.

    I also bought some Hermes Twilly's to tie on her to make her look a little more "feminine".
  6. I have a red east/west and love it. I get compliments on it every time I carry it. It is a bit heavy, but many leather big bags are as well.
  7. Aaahh red! Judging by your avatar it looks like you have more than 1 red bag!!
  8. The MC tote is heavy but I absolutely :heart::heart: it! My shoulders used to ache quite badly from carrying it.. but it has gotten better now.. my right shoulder is stronger!