HELP!!! Modern Chain tote problem

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  1. Hello! I just purchased the modern chain tote in late september and started using it 1 month ago. Yesterday I noticed that the stitching that creates a gusset at the top of the bag is gone on one side. I immediately called the Tyson corner store where I had purchased it and they are telling me that I can either keep it as it is or they will repair it for free...which means I won't have my handbag for 6 to 8 weeks!!!! I am so upset since I purchased it as my main winter bag and I cannot have it gone for so long, I can't believe how unhelpful the manager was!!! Anyone has any ideas? They said I cannot exchange it or return I wish I had bought it at Saks or Neimans!!:cursing:
  2. did it break or was it never there? Sorry to hear it will take so long to repair. It should be an easy fix so maybe it won't take that long.
  3. It was there when I purchased it and it broke within a month of using it!! Unfortunately the manager said that even it is an easy fix it still may take 6-8 weeks because they send it to a place that handles all chanel repairs (even from neiman or Saks etc). This is my first chanel and I am disappointed that this would happen so soon!!
  4. I'm so sorry that happened.
    by the gusset - do you mean the stitch on the ends that hold the sides of the bag?
    MY neighbor had a problem with that :tdown:-- kind of wonder if its the same as yours.
    Kind of think for over 2500.00 it wouldn't do that...
  5. To Lady chinadoll It definetely sounds like to same problem as your neighbor had!! It is a stitch that tucks the 2 sides of the handbag in, so that the top of the handbag is not all open...kinda hard to explain but seems like the same thing!! Did your neighbor get it fixed? I am debating if I want to wait for the spring (when I won't be using it) or try to bring it in now and see if it can be expedited!!
  6. thats it!:tdown:
    She returned it.
    The other thing her bag had was a wrinkle from where when they stitch the top of the bag.
    Looked like they gathered a bit too much leather, so you could actually see a wrinkle at the top of the bag. :tdown:
    The combination of the two defects made her mad and she just returned it.
  7. Wow, how disappointing. The last bag I brought in for repair took about 7 weeks. This is a hard decision, but if you take it in for repair immediately, you may get it back before Christmas and have a good few months of winter wear.
  8. Sorry to hear of your problem...Try contacting Chanel Customer Service...Hopefully, someone there will be able to get this item repaired or replaced immediately....It is so disappointing to spend that much money and receive horrible customer service....Good luck...and I hope you have a happy ending...
  9. Oh, I hate this for you! Let us know how long it will actually take for the repair.
  10. Thank you for all your kind emails!! I have talked again to my SA and she told me that there is a lifetime warranty on the stitching and that they will fix it for free at any time. I think I will bring it in after thanksgiving and see what they say, if it can be expedited I will leave it otherwise I will wait for the spring!! I also wanted to purchase a wallet and pair of earrings so I can kill 2 birds with one stone...I will keep you posted!!
  11. hope you are still checking this post! If you are referring to the New Modern Chain in Resin. It has been recalled. I was able to turn mine in for a new bag and I was refunded the difference. YOU CAN GET A NEW ONE!!!! I ran into a lady that had the EXACT problem you described plus the links kept coming apart. . These bags were taken off the shelf last week...Go get yourself a new baby, I did...and mine didnt have those problems.....yet....I got the Diamond Stitch tote and I love it! much more durable for sure.