help! Modern Chain or Medallion Tote

  1. your opinion matters to me~ :yes:

    I am looking for a chanel shoulder bag that I can tote around all day when I am with my kids.

    I don't have a lot of stuff but I do I have 3 kids the youngest one only a year old.

    I would love a bag that is easy to carry and I don't have to worry about babying it.

    Help. :heart:
  2. I would like to recommend modern chain. Meadallion tote does not hold much.:yes:
  3. i woudl recommend the modern chain as well. although i've never tried that one on before, i felt that the medallion tote was slightly stiff and difficult to carry :yes:
  4. medallion tote..hand/arm held...kind of bag....but modern chain is "big" enough for yr need...
  5. I agree w/ above. . .
    The M/C for sure if you need some space and easy in/out.
    The Medallion is really pretty, but a little snug on the shoulder and tough to get into/out of if you have a big wallet, travel wipes, etc. . . .
  6. Between the two, the Modern Chain hobo wins hands general, my all time favorite was from last seasons Diamond Stitch line.
  7. Modern Chain is an awesome bag. Seems like it would fit your needs better. However, I find that a big bag without dividers makes it difficult to find things in there. How about a GST? It has 3 sections.
  8. I love my MC tote:love: , but a warning: it can get really heavy very quickly.:s The chain itself is heavy, and as mentioned there are no dividers in it. Also carrying that bag with 3 kids might be a little overwhelming...
  9. I like the mc one better too
  10. I vote for modern chain... BUT what about a Coco Cabas? I have 2 kids and I use mine everyday and I love it!! It is durable, not heavy and beautiful.
  11. Out of those 2, definitely the M/C. But as others have mentioned, the M/C can get heavy. The Baby Cabas, Grand Shopping Tote, or Luxe Tote are also good options.
  12. I have an MC tote but it can get heavy. I don't think you would like it in the long run for what you described.

    Check out this thread. Especially the last pic posted by TakeOutBox. She has a really good pic of what the Outdoor Ligne Hobo looks when you carry it.

    There is a tote for the outdoor ligne but I didn't like it as much as the hobo. The leather is distressed and wears very well. If my kids were younger I would be using this bag as my carry all. I have it in navy.

    Also, is the MC tote still available anywhere? I thought it was sold out. I noticed one just sold on eBay for over $2900.
  13. I have the medallion tote.. which i love..It is kind of uncomfortable under the arm.. but I put it there anyway...
    I was not a fan of the modern chain. I liked it at first then I seen it in real life and it seemed small.. The flap to me was not easy to open up and reach my hand in to me....
    But everyone has there on preferences..
    Its a WIN WIN with either bag----("medallion tote") ;)
  14. I thought we were talking about the Modern Chain TOTE ??? Is this not what jen0575 was referring to ?
  15. I have the medallion tote and I love it but it really isn't a good throw everything in type of bag so my vote is for the MC.