Help!! MK shoe sizes?! Is 40 a size 9 or 10

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  1. #1 Jun 19, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2016
    Hi everyone
    I am trying to order few pairs of MK shoes/ sandals online.
    I went to my local MK boutique and the SA told that size 40 is a us 9, he even showed me the engraved sizes inside the shoes and it stated 40/9
    But when trying to order from Neiman Marcus, the size chat says 39/9 or 40/10
    Now I am confuse, should I order 9 or 10?
    I normally wear a size 40, which is a US size...??! Hope anyone can help clarify?
    Thank you all in advance
  2. #2 Jun 19, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2016
    Having that same problem when trying to order Fultons online. I use size 39 and that is 8 1/2 in Fulton. When trying to find a useable size chart online it states that 9 is 39. Hopeless. When it comes to MK pumps I wear the same size, 8 1/2. If you are planning to buy Fultons you should get your size or go down a size as they often are wide and large in size. I bought size 10 by mistake and they were BIG... In pumps you should get your size, I'm not familiar with MK sandals. I would say a size 9 is 40 and 10 is 41, depending on the design and fabric/leather of the shoe.
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