HELP!! MJ Ursula Elise

  1. Has anyone seen the MJ Ursula Elise (patent) in Chalk (white/cream) lately? I am suddenly in love with the bag!!!

    Please PM or post if you've seen one recently! Thanks so much!!!
  2. ^ Have you called a Marc Jacobs Collection store?
  3. these are 100% sold out at all MJ boutiques and retailers. occasionally, a blush pops up on NM or (that's how i got my black ursula elise)....but that's the only retail location i've seen these at any more.
  4. If anyone sees a blush Elise I would like to know as well.
  5. ^^Thanks! I might need to give this one a rest and find something new to crave :smile:
  6. The white chiffon quilted Elise was beautiful.