Help! MJ Sunglasses :(

  1. Hey! I just bought a great pair of MJ aviators! And was soo excited for them! Until my friend tells me that its a waste of money to pay $220 for aviators.

    What do you guys think?! Is this a good price..a waste of money.??
    I thought they were a classic style that I could wear forever..and I like metal frames more than plastic.

    Ahh now i feel bad!

  2. Congrats on your sunglasses. It looks great on you! I was thinking to buy Aviator style from MJ also(or from Rayban), and I think it is classic and really worth to buy it. :smile:
  3. I think Aviators are classic! When I think of the other styles that have come and go recently like the cat eye styles or the oversize Jackie O, the Rayban Wayfair and others, they all seem to be very trendy but the Aviators are here to stay. I think they are totally worth it!
  4. :heart::tup:
  5. super cute! sunglasses are pretty expensive anyway you cut the cake- if you like them you should keep them and definately not feel bad!! i always justify expensive sunglasses by telling myself its something that i wear almost everyday, they should be something you love!
  6. Thank you guys :heart: You made me feel so much better! I really do love them!
    I don't know how much MJ's regularly go for ..I'm in everything is more expensive here!!

    They seem like really good quality..I would recommend people to try them on and see if they like them :smile:
  7. love them, they are so cute :biggrin:
  8. They look great on you - if you love them they're worth it!

    I need sunglasses driving - so I use them a lot on my long commute.
    I love the aviator look but can't do the seperate nose pieces - they get stuck in my hair when I push them up on my head.
  9. Aww thanks!!

    I just thought maybe I got ripped off a bit?? $220 tax included..;
    how much would this normally run for??

  10. those look really cute. i wouldn't let your friend make you feel bad. if you like them and are happy with your purchase that is all that matters!
  11. I think they look fabulous on you!! I can only hope I have the face shape like yours to hold up those pretty babies!! Don't be upset about the price of the sunglasses, I really think they are worth it. Every girl has to have at least one good pair of sunglasses. right?
  12. and just think of it this way. they were cheaper than chanel sunnies! i recently sold my chanel sunglasses bc honestly, im over chanel. but when i originally purchased them 3 years ago, they cost me over $350! so you made out on the deal, for sure. :supacool: ( <----thats you in your MJ's...hah)
  13. Okay! I have decided to keep them! When I put them on my friend says I look like a movie star!! Hahaha..
    I guess i just thought they were a big expensive..because the arms are very thin..ya know..they are not huge and extravagent..but as long as they look good I think thats more important!

    :p Thanks :smile: