HELP!!!!~mj stam chain strap oxidation problem

  1. Hi~all MJ lovers~please help!!
    I have a problem with my stam chain strap...
    Not only did the chain lost its gloss (it is now in a dull.dark gold color)...there has been black stuff coming off of it... and it's making my white chiffon stam all dirty...:cry:

    the other metal parts(zipper, kiss lock..) still remains shiny gold...
    I bought this stam last year directly from MJ boutique...
    I suspect that it might be the oxidation of the metal... :sad:
    What should I do??!!
    Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. use a jewelry polishing cloth, that will hopefully clean it right off!
  3. Strawbwee did it work?
  4. Thankx for your advice~~~~it took a long time though...and it's still not completely clean~~~
    since the chain strap is on most of mj's bags?
    Anyone have this problem??:confused1:
  5. Shoot! I feel bad for you!! How do you store your bags? Is there moisture in your closet? Why don't you call a MJ boutique?
  6. I do. :sad: The chain messed up my white wrap dress last week. I've been polishing it with a cloth but it takes time to go thru every chain part.

    I don't understand why it started to oxidate in less than six month since I haven't been taking it out in humid weather and there's no moist in my closet.