Help - MJ Christy

  1. Hello ladies,

    So I got the Bordeaux Christy I bought from the Nordstrom sale. She is so beautiful!!! I took her for a trial run yesterday and I absolutely love the magnetic closure and not having to deal with zippers :yahoo:However, I noticed that my bag sags a lot!!! It is not very structured and it's driving me nuts that half the time, it is like "folded" into half. Any thoughts on what I can possibly do to avoid this? I don't have a lot of pillow-like stuff inside my purse. I have the usual cosmetic case, wallet, etc. I would really appreciate any suggestions/help.

    Thank you!!!
  2. i'm not sure if there is much you can do. it's just the nature of the bag. i would try carrying magazines in it maybe? this is the problem i have with my mp and mbmj softy hobo. it looks great when i keep the tissue paper in it, but when i use it, it just sags and looks shapeless.
  3. Hi there! - I just received my Christy from the sale today and here's how I solved the sag issue:

    I took my "purseket" that I had been using for my LV Speedy and put it in: Voila! - more structure!

    There are other things out there that do the trick. I learned about the purseket here on tPF boards and it can be ordered on-line at: It has made such a difference with my LV bags.

    I am exchanging this bag with my lrge multipocket that has a harder bottom to keep the shape more and am feeling much :heart::heart: for this new Christy!
  4. Thanks ladies. AbbytheBT -- I will try the purseket. I happen to have that since I have a Speedy. Good to know that it helps! I just really like the Christy bag...even if it sags and is shapeless at times :love: