HELP Miu Miu white Doctor bag

  1. I Need your help please :smile:

    I am in :heart: with the Miu Miu white doctors bag and i have to have it.
    Does anyone know if one is available anywhere online?

    TIA :flowers:


  2. Pictures, please?
  3. heres 2 pics hope it helps :yes:

    miu miu white doctor bag.jpg miu miu doctors bag.jpg
  4. I bought that bag from Netaporter early last year - retailed at about aud1100 full price. But when I received it, it had some scratches on the side and the stitching was uneven so I returned it. Lucky I did because then it went on sale about a month later. I remember seeing it online on Neiman Marcus as well, so maybe email them to ask if they have any left, or NAP. Orr maybe call up the MIu Miu stores in London and New York to see if they have any leftover 05/06 stock. But I do think it'll be really hard to find, especially since it was released a year ago and Miu Miu wasn't as big as it is now. I've seen it come up on eBay once though, so you may be in luck!
  5. That's beautiful! So elegant- hope you can find one!
  6. Quite the beauty- good luck!
  7. thanks for the help everyone esp cicciolina ( u dont happen to be on the vogue forums do you? )
  8. :YAY: I found it, ahhh im so excited and i cant wait to get it :YAY:

  9. YAY!!!! It's a gorgeous bag!!! Congratulations!
  10. Hehe yep I am listay! Where did you find it?
  11. Wow it's beautiful!
  12. I know it's quite a long shot as it's pretty old but I'm looking for the same bag in brown...PIC HERE

    Please help!!!
  13. I hope you get one, it's such a pretty bag! looks like this bag is like 4 or 5 years old? might be harddd
  14. Wow, I never saw that bag before. It's so pretty! I love white bags.