Help! Miu-Miu Prada dilemma...

  1. Hi All...

    I need some advice on what to do about a couple of recent purchases. 2 days before Christmas I bought the Miu Miu Soft Calf Satchel in "seghero"...
    and yesterday I received in the mail a Miu Miu Scamosciato coffer in suede.

    I realized as I was looking at both of these, that I now spent the same amount of money that I would have if I purchased the Prada Antic Cervo (which I mentioned in a previous post I didn't think I could ever bring myself to do)... so this kind of puts a twist on what I should do!!!

    I have not carried either of these bags yet, nor ripped off the tags so I can return anything I like. I'd love to hear from owners of these bags if they're happy with them, or if I should just return them and buy the Prada.

    Just to put an even more annoying squew into the whole dilemma, I originally wanted the Miu Miu Scamosciato Old Satchel, which is now unavailable and so that is how I ended up with the soft calf satchel... so to put it bluntly I basically have spent over $2500 bucks and I don't even have the one bag I really want. [sigh]

    Here's my options:

    1. Keep Miu Miu soft calf satchel $1100
    2. Keep Miu Miu soft calf satchel $1400 incl. tax
    3. Ret both and buy Prada Antic Cervo $2450
    4. Buy the Miu Miu Scamosciato old satchel from one of the following:
    (a) StyleDrops
    (b) Rafaello Network

    Can anyone offer some advice? I'm hung up on what to do now.
  2. boy, based on what you're saying, i'd return both and get the antic cervo or the old satchel. you def. shouldn't keep the ones you have, if they're not the ones you want - and even though i can understand cringing over spending $2500 for one bag, if you're spending that amount anyway, it might as well be for a bag you'll really adore.

    HTH :smile:
  3. Ok, I accidentally hit "tab" a few times and it posted my post before I was ready.... and then I missed the 15 min edit window finding my pix to post! Whew! :shrugs: Here are pix of the bags I'm in question on...

    the Miu Miu Soft Calf Satchel (above)

    Miu Miu Scamosciato Suede Coffer (above)


    Thank you to everyone who reads this and even more *thanks* to those who have some advice to offer. :heart: :yes:
  4. Id return them and get the Prada bag you already love!
  5. wow, that scamosciato is really TDF....a bag hasn't made me drool like that in quite some time :smile: i wish i weren't terrified of suede bags....i'd be really tempted!

    but yes, still, if YOU don't love, you should question.
  6. Thanks Shoppingsmycardio and Jill...

    The bad news is that as I look at these pictures posted ... the bags so look incredibly *gorgeous*!! that I may have to keep both of them, and still buy the Antic Cervo. Is that just *sick* or what?!!! :nuts:

    Seriously... looking at them online makes them look even better than in person. And I still want the Scamosciato old satchel. I can't believe I screwed up my post! I had more pix to post as well! Jeez!

    Thanks guys... I'll be sitting on this probably through the weekend. Or until I have to pay my credit card bill!!!! :love:

    Wow, I think I am totally going bonkers! I never thought I'd spend more than $500 bucks on a bag... is this what joining the purse forum does to you! :rolleyes: (snicker-snicker!)
  7. This is for you, Shoppingsmycardio... *enjoy*!!! :drool:

  8. Good lord, is that gorgeous! Problem is that as much as I LOVE the look of suede, I've never found it to be practical. It's just too high maintenance for my tastes. I don't want to spend an hour a week brushing the nap, picking off all the lint they attract and let's not EVEN talk about if/when they get wet. :push:
  9. And here's a little antik cervo (hobo vs. satchel) to further confuse you. :devil:

  10. pad, you're KILLING me!!!!!

    :drool: :drool: :drool:

    PP's right, though.....i know i'd be a total psycho with suede. i'm forever paranoid about any suede shoes i have, and this would be 100 times worse. i'd be so worried about keeping it out of water/sun/'d never leave my house.

    sigh...rational vs.'s a daily struggle.

  11. They all do look wonderful, but you decide what will make you happiest. If it's returning 2 bags to get the one you LOVE, think seriously about doing that. The antik cervo finish is extraordinary. Even more beautiful in person than in a photo.

    Prada, you posted that pic while I was typing. Even in the pic, that leather is TDF.
  12. You guys are too funny! I love it!

    Gosh I love that Antic Cervo!!! It's just so yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

    And Shoppingsmycardio... well, sometimes you gotta go for the lust factor rather than the practical... otherwise there's always that little devil whispering in your ear that makes you still lust for that 1 thing you've always wanted. And that's something I just can't live with!!

    Here's the Antic Cervo I do lust for...

  13. It was THAT photo montage that got me drooling for the bag, boxermom. It's actually very nearly identical to the IRL version......except you can't bury your face in the butter soft leather and inhale. Ahhhh! :tender:

    Side note: I took my things out of the Amalfi and put them in the Prada to get an idea of how it set on my shoulder with things in it. I had left both bags sitting in a chair by the door. DH walks in from work and says: "I smell leather!" Then he glanced at the chair, saw both bags and started laughing. I've trained him well. :roflmfao:
  14. that antic is fabulous.....i say send the scamosciato to me, and buy yourself the antic cervo. whaddaya think?!??! :nuts:

  15. Ha ha!! Sounds good Shoppingsmycardio!!

    You are just *too* much!! Thanks for making me smile!! :biggrin:

    What are your thoughts on the other bag? Yay? or Nay? The Miu Miu Calf...
    just curious! I have prancing around in front of the mirror for the past 1/2 hour with both bags, and my new Prada boots!! Trying to make some decisions here...:love: