HELP! Miu Miu fake on ebay

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  1. Help please, dear friend of mine, have bought fake Miu Miu bag, I have the bag authenticated this morning here and told that it's fake, the seller still thinks that the bag is authentic as she has taken the bag to the boutique and was told that it's authentic, the payment is via paypal through her credit card, my question is will the credit card need non authentications letter for charge back process and if this needed who can do that for her, Caroldiva? mypouppette? any advise? trully appreciate any advise:smile:TIA
  2. Ok, please use a different translation service as your query is confusing. Thank you.
  3. Hi there...
    I don't know if caroldiva does MM authentication or not. Email her and ask her.... Advise her that the AT girls on PF said the bag is fake.

    If your friend bought this bag on Ebay, she can file an ebay dispute.

    If not bought on ebay, then yes, she can file a charge back. And some CC co's DO require a written letter of NON-AUTHENTICITY. Have her CALL her CC co and find out what their process is and what is required.

  4. Please see above that you asked me to retranslate, I mean the following -:
    My friend purchased Miu Miu bag from Ebay which I have had authenticated by PF as being a fake. She has advised the seller who insists that the bag is authentic based on a boutique opinion. My friend has paid her in full through Paypal from her credit card. She wishes to have the transaction charged back from the credit card, my question is #1 for her to do the charge back from cc does she require the non-authentication letter? or #2 Open dispute through Ebay, do they require the non authentication letter also? #3 Who can help me with non-authentication letter in regards to Miu Miu. Thankyou for your help.:smile:
    Thanks Ellie May for understanding my first translation.:graucho:
  5. Hi LMT.. yes, I understood it the first time.

    First, before you can really do anything, your friend needs to receive the bag, which I am guessing that she has not...?? Once bag is received, then we need to re-authenticate pix of the actual bag received.

    SO.. in the meantime, contact caroldiva to see if she authenticates MM.
    Also tell your friend to go ahead and call her CC co and ask what is the process for filing a charge back, just so that she knows the procedure.

    Once the bag is received and we hear back from Carol, we shall decide how to proceed at that point.

    Typically, the process would be to first file an ebay dispute. BUT, she needs to have received the bag first. So, advise when bag received.
  6. Trully appreciate all advise, and will keep you posted:smile: Thank you very much indeed..
  7. lmt51,
    Once you receive the bag, take pics of the front of the bag, close ups of the MM logos located on the outside and inside of the bag, and a picture of the lining. Check the brand name of both zippers on the bag as well. Then post these on the Miu Miu Authentication Thread. PM me when you have posted the pics.
  8. If you look at the new eBay case policies, you'll find that eBay doesn't necessarily require you to provide third-party authentication and will generally take you for your word.

    Open a dispute through eBay and then escalate it to be decided by eBay if the seller doesn't agree to allow a return.
  9. Ebay Australia dont have the same policy, also in this case, the buyer hoping the bag authentic, but if turned out to be a fake one, than I think the seller should be obliged to refund the money without giving the buyer hard time..
    The bag arrived today, and will send the photo to authenticate mm sections soon, and Caroldiva can help with non authentications letter also, thanks everyone, will keep you posted:smile:
  10. lmt... In Au, do you prefer to file w/ Ebay or w/ PP?

    I do agree that I would go ahead and send the photos to Carol and put her on alert, but I also might not order & pay for the letter until after I filed the dispute and (a) the buyer officially refused to cooperate and (b) Ebay/PP said I had to have it.
    BUT... You know Ebay/PP AUS better than I, so you def need to make that decision, not me.
  11. So glad Caroldiva can help non auth letter with miumiu brand, she just don't advertise it.
    I hope this info usefull to anyone needed Carol's service, (can I say this here?)
  12. Yes, you can say that here.