Help! Miu Miu Croc-printed purple leather wallet

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  1. Hi girls! (and perhaps some guys) :biggrin: Was wondering if you guys could help me a bit..

    Ive been looking all around for the purple croc-printed leather wallet from Miu Miu, but its no where to be found.
    It was on up until 2 days ago..and I was about to buy it, but then I put it off for 1 day..came back next day and :cursing: it is gone from the site! Emailed them, but they're not expecting a reorder on it.

    Do you guys know any where I can get my hands on it? Any sites..anything! I'm desperate! :nuts:


    That's the wallet...I'm just so in love..if anyone has some more pictures of it as make me fall even deeper in love, it would be SOO appreciated. Or even a simular one for that matter :biggrin:

  2. Wow, looks lovely! I wonder what it's like inside. Maybe Miu Miu Addict can help, she knows everything!
  3. Oh, and of course, you can try to call a MM store, you find the numbers on At least the stores in Germany ship to Sweden so they would probably ship to Norway too:smile:
  4. i am using the black one myself
    and i think you can try calling miu miu ion singapore ... i saw a few of these in black and brown, not sure about purple though

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  5. @ ThingumyPoppy: Those are probably the next best options idd:smile: I will definitly try and call the story. Thanks sooo much for helping me

    @ ririan: /droool..that's all I can say. I'm just in love.

    @ Claypot: It is lovely idd! Just the whole style is perfect. Here's a few more pictures..wonderful!
  6. i saw this style in the Melbourne store a couple of days ago. From what i remember there were three other colours (i think they were white, yellow and red?) but no purple.
    Funny you posted this because i saw contemplating the same wallet on net-a-porter!
    If it's not meant to be, then it's not meant to be ;)
  7. OHHHHHHHH now that you have clearer pictures, THESE ARE EXACTLY THE WALLETS I WANT! Except it was so hard for me to find it because I didn't know what they were called! I just new they were like the St. Cocco Lux but had a vintage coin purse feel to it. THEY ARE GORGEOUS! I want one in Cipria please! :smile:
  8. I'd been eyeing it on NAP too! Great taste - hope you get it :P
  9. I don't remember seeing this wallet at Bal Harbour in Florida, I think I was too mesmerized with the Vernice Ruches one that didn't pay attention to anything else....I would definitely follow ThingumyPoppy's advice. You could try calling the Germany store as she suggested. Worst case scenario, if they don't have it they could still order it for you from another store and then ship it to you but you'd have to pay full price for them before hand. Or they could tell you which other store in Europe has it and if they ship to Norway.
  10. Does anyone know what its proper name is?
  11. Hi! Teeden. I was looking at the same thing and have been going nuts the last few days scouring the net to see if I could locate this purple haze of gorgeousness! No luck. I have seen it in red and a biege/brown colour...doesn't have the same wow factor! If you locate a seller please let me know. Thanks Kimmy x
  12. The details tab states the colour is astro

    mughetto is a gorgeous light pink/purple (soft lilac)
  13. Sorry to bump but I too am after this purse in Black or purple anyone help?