Help: miu miu black bow satchel leather squeaks?

  1. I just received the black bow satchel via fedex from Saks. The leather is not as soft as the new Spring line of bow bags that I've seen in person, which is okay. But the leather squeaks. Is it going to soften up and stop squeaking or am I always going to feel like I have a mouse in my bag? :nuts:

  2. I've heard some complain about the squeaking but IIRC it does soften up a little....not sure if it alleviates the squeaking completely however.
  3. Thanks, Alouette. Not sure I want a squeaking bag. Guess I'll have to try it out and think about it.

    BTW, I love your new black Prada. It's really cute. And so is your sweet little baby.:smile:
  4. i also bought a bow from Saks recently and mine squeaks too. it has gotten better and doesn't bother me anymore. enjoy it!

  5. :flowers::shame: Thanks so much!! I love them both but obviously one more than the other!

    The bag works great when carrying him around and holds a lot of stuff! Love it!

    Try the bag out..if it still squeaks and you can't deal with it, then sell it. It's a gorg bag though!!
  6. Thanks for the info, sngo. I'm glad to hear the squeaking diminished and you're enjoying your bag. I'm going to use it and see how it goes.

    Alouette, well, obviously one more than the other! ;) I'm really loving your new Prada bag--I'm even considering returning the bow bag to Saks and spending (gulp) a few hundred more for the Prada. I love the outside pockets. The lack of pockets is one of the things I'm not crazy about with the bow, although I love the look of the bow. I thought it was going to be a little slouchier, like this:

    but the black bow seems to be a stiffer calfskin. I have a Prada Cervo Antik Hobo that is such a soft, slouchy deerskin. I just love it.

    We'll see. Thanks for your input.
  7. I also ordered my black bow from saks and was disappointed that the leather was so stiff. The lack of pockets bothered me at first too since I am a bbag girl and am used ot the easy access of an outside pocket. I leave the inside pocket unzipped and just use that one for my keys and cell. I think it's worth it b/c the bag looks so cute!
  8. Hi sngo. I'm pretty sure I'm going to return the bow bag. I really love the look of it, esp. all that beautiful hardware, but now that I have it, I've found it to be heavy when I put all my stuff in it. Plus I was really hoping for that soft, slouchy leather. I think the bow bag is lovely, but not for me after all (and believe me, I REALLY wanted this bag).

    I'm going to try out one like Alouette's in her thread: Come see my latest Prada acquisition. It's about the same size, but has the slouchy leather and outside pockets. I'm going to keep the bow until I get the other one, compare, and then decide.

    Thanks for your input. Maybe I should go check out the Balenciaga bags if I like pockets, huh? Yikes, that's all I need is to start craving some other bags. I told my dh I will not become a bag addict. He said he's going to call me on it if I do. :nuts:
  9. If you want soft, slouchy leather, you should definitely check out Balenciagas. Also, check the new style of bow bag. There's a thread on it somewhere. It has very soft leather and is definitely lighter but, alas, still no pocket. Good luck!