Help: Miranda Dilema!

  1. Hello to All you Wonderful Women!!

    This is my first post. I bought Miranda in Black yesterday with my PCE card. She is gorgeous BUT I worry about how heavy she is. I am thinking of exchanging her for the Legacy Signature Satchel in the Khaki/Black combo. I am even considering the Medium Carly in the same color combo or Black. I am so confused. I need help.

    Thanks so much in advance for your help.
  2. I picked up that bag in my boutique and thought there was a weight INSIDE of it!!!! In my boutique they use weights to fill the bags....but, there was NOTHING inside Miranda except tissue!!!! She is a VERY heavy bag... I would exchange her if it were ME...but go into the boutique and try the other bags on so you can see which bag feels the best on you! Signature bags ARE MUCH LIGHTER..... Good luck and PLEASE keep us posted w/ your decision!!!
  3. Thank you so much for your reply. Who knew being a Coach Addict was so difficult. LOL
  4. I own Miranda as well and she is heavy, but it's such a gorgeous bag I suffer through in silence!!! :p
  5. Anything for beauty :roflmfao:

  6. I would say you return it and buy something that you love and suit you. Or else you will keep thinking "I should have..... " :p
  7. Keep in mind - doctors usually say that you shouldn't carry more than 10% of your body weight, so Miranda might be not so good if you tend to carry a lot of stuff. There were articles in this month's O/Oprah and Marie Claire, I believe, specifically on this topic! I think the Lily weighed in at 4+ pounds!

    That being said, Miranda is gorgeous, though!!
  8. yeah, i will say she is heavy and boy, that lily is something else - she makes it awkward to carry her sometimes
  9. You read my mind. "I should have......"
    I'm going to go check out the Legacy Sig. Satchel and the Carly later today. Thanks so much for the great advise.

    Does anyone have the Legacy Sig. Satchel?
  10. I have the 06' version of this. It's heavy but not as heavy as Lily or Miranda.
  11. Miranda is coming out in a smaller size later this year so perhaps that bag may work for you.
  12. Wow! I didn't know that. I am so happy to hear that since I just got back from returning my Black Miranda (sniff, sniff) and getting the Legacy Signature Satchel in the Khaki/Black combo. I LOVE it!

    I'll be waiting anxiously for the Miranda, Jr. to appear.
  13. I think someone else posted that the Lily is coming out in a smaller size as well - that would be VERY cool!
  14. I just purchased Miranda and even though it is heavy I carry it. I weighed mine with my things in it and it weighed 8 lbs. I weigh more than 80 pounds so I guess I'm good! :p
  15. Update: I can't believe how crazy this whole Miranda dilema has become. Hopefully, it is, once and for all, resolved.

    So, I returned my Black Miranda earlier today and replaced it with the Legacy Sig. satchel. Even though I loved the satchel I instantly questioned my decision to return the Miranda. On the way home, I happened to see a copy of this month's Lucky magazine that had a beautiful picture of the Miranda in Natural. More doubt. I got home and I knew that I had made a mistake. I called several Coach stores in my area and was able to find one Miranda in Natural. So, I jumped in my car and away I went. I arrived at the Coach store and asked for the SA I spoke to earlier. She was so sweet and completely understood my angst. "You should see what I got through when I by a Coach bag!" she says. She saw me eyeing not only the Natural but also the Black Miranda. She asked me how many black bags I owned and I told her many. Most people do, she said. She advised me to go for something different. She was even thinking of buying the Natural. She said it was much more fun and classic.

    So, I am home now with my new Miranda in Natural. She is so beautiful. Funny, the weight does seem to bother me anymore. Must have been the color.

    THE END!