Help! Mini Lin or Damier Im confused

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  1. Ok so I have the Mini Lin speedy in Dune, I love it, it was my first LV bag. I usually love the accesorries. I love Damier, I'm not a fan of regular mono,I wanna go buy a new speedy right now, would it be stupid to get the mini lin in ebene, I love that one too or should I just get the Damier. Is it rediculous to have the same bag in 2 colors? I love both , but dont say buy both cause I cant I have to save my money for another important purchase. LOL help please . I'm going shopping tonight. I dont know which one to get. My boutique is out of the hampstead mm, so I was going to get that in august sometime. ahhhhhhhhh
  2. damier cos you already have mini lin.

    when you have the fund and still wants the ebene mini lin then buy that in a later day.

    good luck
  3. Get the damier. It's the speedy I use the most. You'll love the carefree canvas.
  4. I got the Damier!!!! yay It is very NO! matenience, gotta love that. I will get the mini lin ebene later. cause I do love those bags.
  5. I love my ebene mini lin. If you love the mini lin that much I would get another one.

  6. damier!
  7. Get the Damier. It's sooooo versatile and easy to take care of!
  8. ITA!
  9. I'm such a mini lin fan, but in this case, I think I would get the damier!
  10. I have mini lin ebene and adore it, but I vote Damier for you, since you already have Dune, I just got Damier passport cover, and really really love traditional damier... have fun tonight!
  11. I would get the Mini Lin again, as you love it, it is a great bag and very unique. My vote is for the Mini Lin.
  12. Congrats!:flowers: Wise decision! Enjoy!:tup: