Help! Mini Lin Ebene or Damier Ebene

  1. Help! Hubby said we can take a little trip down to one of the LVs in London:yahoo:
    ...Should I get Mini Lin Ebene Speedy or Damier Ebene Speedy????? It will be my first LV piece, as I am mostly a Gucci girl. But, I don't really want a mono because I need a black bag, and I worry about the vachetta etc...with all the rain over here. I'm afraid I'd kill a mono! Thanks for any input!!!
  2. I would say mini lin ebene but if you want a less maintenance bag go for the damier speedy.
  3. I am new to LV...I really like the look of the mini lin! Why is the damier less maintenence?? Thanks for the help!
  4. because there is no vachetta to worry about and damier canvas (like mono) is very resistant. mini lin is made with coton and linen.
  5. Great! Thanks for the info!!!

    :yes: I definitely want easy to maintain!
  6. Damier!
  7. Mini Lin for sure, I have the speedy, zippy wallet and cles all in Ebene. TOTALLY maintenance free, I have had them for 7 months and they are as good as new!!
  8. MINI LIN!!!!!

  9. Either choice is perfect. They are both low maintenance bags. Mini lin is more light weight though.

  10. Thanks for the input! Yours is so beautiful- it has been my inspiration for even wanting a mini lin speedy!!!
    I will have to try them both IRL, but I think my heart is set on the Mini Lin!
  11. mini lin!
  12. I just got the mini lin as my first LV and it is gorgeous! Get the mini lin:tup:
  13. Between mini lin and mono I'd go w/ mini lin BUT between mini lin and damier ebene, my vote is for damier ebene, you don't have to worry if your bag gets soaked in the rain should that happen. If the mini lin gets wet it is worry free though bec. of no vachetta but bec. it's fabric it will still feel wet, whereas damier is completely water proof. That would be my only issue if I could only get one. Also the mini lin ebene is a very dark brown, almost black quality and the damier is a more chocolatey brown which to me is more neutral. I use the mini lin ebene when I wear black.
  14. Both bags are great! Mini Lin is my favorite but either bag would be awesome. :tup:
  15. Hmmm.... sounds like you need a black Epi speedy instead if you need a sturdy, weatherproof black bag.

    Otherwise, I'd choose the Damier over the mini lin for weather reasons. but between those two it also depends on whether you want the LV monogram.