HELP - might get ears pierced..have a few questions!

    • How much does it hurt? I've heard it compared to a pinch...
    • Piercing gun or no? I've heard horror stories but then again, lots of people get it done w/ a gun!
    • Where? Claires, Piercing Pagoda, etc?
    Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  1. It does'nt hurt but the noise of the gun makes you jump!!! It starts to go warm after a little while and then throbs a bit,but it kind of builds up so its not the instant pain you would imagine.Take a couple of painkillers beforehand,that helps,they are a bit sore to sleep on for a day or two,but nothing horrendous!! Keep them clean,bathe them with surgical alcohol to stop any bugs and things thriving,even when they stop being sore after a day its still a bit of an open wound inside so take care of them.

    I had the top of my ear done,3 in one side,2 in the other and my nose peirced,and I am not joking I am the biggest sissy ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After the first two normally placed ones I realised that it was the noise more than anything.And if this makes you feel more at ease,there are not that many nerve endings in your ear lobes!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    (I actually only wear the two normal ones now and the one at the top of my ear)
  2. I had mine done with a piercing gun and it didn't hurt at all. Really, the anticipation is by far worse than the actual piercing. Plus most places will rub a painkiller gel on your ears afterwards, so you may not even feel any pain at all. I got mine done at Claire's back in the day, no big deal at all, just go at a time when it's not likely to be full (I didn't want getting my ears pierced to be a spectator sport!).
  3. So why do people keep making such a big deal about piercing guns and infections?? That's the only part I'm worried about...I think I can take the pain. :biggrin:

    And I think Claire's really isnt as bad as some people say it is for piercing...
  4. I have 4 in one ear and 3 in the other. My first one was in a store (dont remember which one) and 2nd and 3rd in the girls locker room at school in 7th grade with a needle and ice cube (young and dumb!). I dont think it's bad at all. GO FOR IT!
  5. I had mine done in a shopping mall when I was six and I don't remember the pain or anticipation, but I do know she did a crappy job by making the holes too low on my lobes.
  6. I don't think Claire's is the best place to get your ears done..try a professional piercing/tattoo parlour. Also, guns are a no-no for me. Guns can't be cleaned as throughly as needles, and needles are less painful (because they're sharper) and they don't burn.
  7. I went to a professional piercing person to have my second holes [in my ears] done.
  8. I've got two piercings in both ears. I had both done with a gun and I didn't have any problems. I believe the biggest thing you need to do is keep the area clean constantly so you don't get an infection. It's completely worth it!
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    I am a man and i sport earings.I haven't heard about the gun thing ,but yes when you get your ears pierced or for the matter it could be any piercing hurts a bit...almost like a sharp pinch...that is it it takes about a minute and the job is done...
  10. your biggest worry will be keeping your ears clean and free from infection.

    my ears were pierced believe it or not when I was like 3 years old!
  11. Yes!! Just think of all the fabulous extra acessorising you can do!!! Its taken a long time since I got my ears peirced at 17,but now I sport a pair of diamond stud earings in the bottom holes .75ct each and a dinky .25ct at the top of my ear I'm 42 now,but wow have I had some fun and accumlated so many pretty silver stone set earrings on the way!!!!!!
  12. It's true that piercing guns are difficult to clean, and are often not cleaned as well as they should be.

    Also, it can be difficult to judge the placement of the hole with them. I found this out firsthand, unfortunately. :hysteric:

    Your best bet would be a clean, professional piercing studio. Afterall, it's what they specialize in. :yes:

    And the pain is minimal. I've found that if you inhale (deep breath) before, and then exhale at the same time they push the needle through, it helps a lot. And, just as other people have suggested, you could always take some tylenol or something ahead of time. :tup:
  13. I've mine done loads of times over the years as I have two holes in each year, but I kept changing my mind about whether I wanted them or not, or I got bored with them and didn't wear earrings for months so I kept having to get them re-done.

    The pain is so minimal with ear piercing that you barely notice it, it's all done so quickly. Once they've done one ear, then the second is always a little worse as you know whats coming next! But it's all over and done with within a minute and you're on your way with your gorgeous new earrings!

    I had mine done at Claire's, a professional piercing studio, and a local jeweller and to be honest the experience was pretty much the same at each place. They all have a standard procedure of marking your ears with a pen, asking you if you're happy with where it's placed, taking the earrings out of the sterile packet and using the earring gun to put them in.

    My Mum told me before-hand if you want and idea of what it feels like, use your fingernail and squeeze fairly hard on your earlobe. It pretty much feels like that.
  14. I have 3 in each lobe & had all done at diff times, diff 'mall' piercing places (cheap places with a gun) Never had an infection but I was careful & consistent with cleaning. All are even. I thought it felt like a little burn that gradually subsided. Like if you put alcohol on a cut type of burn.