Help! Michele Deco or Mini Urban?

  1. I'm trying to decide between the Michele Deco and the Mini Urban (both with sterling silver bands and no diamonds). The problem is I've tried both on in the store multiple times and STILL can't make a decision. Originally I thought the mini urban was much smaller, but I compared them side by side and they're pretty comprable in size. I can't afford both (bummer!) because I just went a little crazy with purses, so I need your help. Which do you prefer?

    Edit- I have medium sized frame and wrists- if that helps your suggestions :smile:
  2. I prefer the Deco but it might help others decide if you post pics.
  3. Here, I'll help you out:




  4. Thanks for posting those, My Purse Addiction.

    No one else has an opinion? 24 people have viewed the thread- please help me. Just write "Deco" or "Mini Urban." PLEASE HELP ME! :confused1:
  5. deco. i'm not the biggest fan of the numbers on the mini urban. either way, enjoy! i love my michele watch.
  6. I prefer the look of Deco.
  7. urban
  8. I just got a Deco for Christmas and I LOVE it! I tried on the mini urban too and might buy that one or a diamond CSX next, but I went a little crazy buying all the different bands so I might need to wait a while LOL. I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  9. The Deco definitely!
  10. i vote for the urban. only because i have it too =P
  11. Deco get my vote. :yes:
  12. Deco - love the band! I have the CSX w/diamonds and I LOVE it!
  13. Deco
  14. deco, the chronograph makes it dressier.
    I have the deco in diamonds and it is really a great watch
  15. Deco definitely. I don't care for the angled look of the numbers on the mini urban...too overwhelming for its size.