HELP: Mezzo leather bottom

  1. Thursday I received my Cabas Mezzo from eLux, and while out yesterday I picked up two small stains on the bottom already. :cry: I believe they came from putting my purse down in the seat next to me at a restaurant. What can I do to get rid of this? Again, I just got the bag Thursday, and a part of me wants to send it back to eLux as "damaged" and get a fresh one. But then the other part of me is like stains are just par for the course with a leather bottom purse. For those that have the Mezzo, what can I do to protect the bottom? I already have the LH and I haven't had any stain problems with that one. I'm sort of thinking about trading the Mezzo for the BH because of the canvas bottom, but the BH is so close to my LH, plus it's just not the Mezzo. (LOL) Help!! :hysteric:
  2. i don't think you can return it. you used it. i think damage to the bottom is par for the course with the mezzo. how bad are the stains? is it something that will even out with patina over time?
  3. I wouldn't advise trying to return it as Damaged. I'm sure it wouldn't go over well with the folks at eLuxury anyway. It's a tricky bag to own because of the leather bottom. Those marks will give it character. Over time, they may fade as the leather darkens. It's a gorgeous and useful bag. Do what you feel is right.
  4. I think it's wrong to return something perfectly fine. If you caused the stains to happen, then it's not LV's problem and they are not and should not be responsible for it. Think about it, the store is not a free return/exchange place: they are a business afterall and as with all businesses, every return/exchange is costing the store, especially if the bag they get back is unsellable. As with all bags, stains, damage, heartbreaks...etc will all appear sooner or later, it's just a matter of time. For you, it happened earlier than usual.
    I also have a vachetta bottomed bag and indeed, you need to be more careful with it
  5. It just happened sooner for you than expected.

    What happens if you get another stain on another item, and so on?

    Keep the bag!
  6. I agree. Buyer caused the stains so the buyer bares the responsibility. It's unfortunate that it happened, you just have to be very careful where you place your bag. I don't think anyone will agree with you returning the bag as damaged goods to try and get a new one.
  7. All,
    Here are the stains I'm talking about. And when I received the bag, the leather was "virginal white." I tried to be careful when sitting it down yesterday, but I guess I missed one area in the seat next to me. Anyway, here are the stains. Will they eventually be covered as the leather darkens?

    Mezzo Bottom Stains
  8. Sometimes the restaurant seats/booths are still wet from when the server has wiped down the seats. I would recommend always putting your purse on top of your jacket if layed out in a booth or ask for a cloth napkin or use paper napkins and lay the napkin(s) down before placing your purse on top of it. I used to own a Cabas Piano and the bottom looked pretty pristine because I was paranoid and use to do the napkin thing. But, keep in mind that as your bag patinas, the "stains" will fade into the patina (I did have a small stain that was later barely noticeable in the patina.)

    And, since you used the bag already, I wouldn't recommend returning it at this point. A stain or two is bound to happen but will eventually fade in time with patina. You could also carry a plastic shopping bag in your Mezzo to lay out and place your bag on top of when at a restaurant or inside of the shopping bag if it starts to rain!

    Enjoy your bag!!!

  9. ughhhhh..... I'm sorry but why's the bottom of your bag GRAY?..... LV's leather is either a very light beige colour when it's brandnew or various degrees of golden brown to dark brown after years of use.......or maybe it's just the lighting...:confused1:
  10. can you shining monkey it against further stains?
  11. ugh... I know a lot of the members don't advise using anything on the vachetta, but I sprayed my LH with a protector. I'm also very careful about putting it down anywhere. Actually I'm careful and my hubby is careful :yes: too. He'll watch where I put it down.

    I'm pretty sure that elux wouldn't take it as a return anyway since it's not a defect and it's not in re-saleable condition. Hopefully it'll begin to blend.

  12. I have no idea why my bag is gray, as you so eloquently pointed out. It doesn't look gray to me. But you can call eLuxury and ask them since that's the color it was when I got it Thursday. I'm sure they can provide you with a full conversation on the various hues of LV handbags. This was my first purchase from eLux, along with a Damier PTI and Groom Pochette Cles. I purchased my LH from a boutique in Barcelona and didn't ask the SA about the various shades of new LV leather. Again, it doesn't look gray to me at all.
  13. It's probably just the lighting!

  14. It's just the lighting.
  15. :cursing: for wanting to send it back damaged.

    Perhaps baby wipes will wipe some of the stain, depending on what it is.

    When i went shopping in the lv store the s/a giggle when i sent my MC alma on my jacket on the counter.
    Perhaps because you are in a public place where anyone will sit you need to be aware of where you're setting your bags. Sorry this has happened to you. but to return it as damaged because you set your bag down on what you thought was clean isnt at all right.

    Maybe in the future you could place your jacket down and your bag on it just to be safe.