Help : Metallic Reissue

  1. Question to all the fashionistas who own a metallic reissue:

    I just had a quick question... I know they're calfskin - do they scratch very easily like the lambskins??? I hate it that lambskins are so not durable!!!

    I'm debating between a Black CROC Satin Reissue or a Metallic one... pls help!
  2. I have the Black Metallic Reissue and the leather did not get scratch easily because of the metallic and crackled treatment to the leather. I would not recommend the croc satin because it will be wear down after a while. Plus the metallic leather has a more chic look.
  3. Personally, I think the satin crocs look great but realistically, satin seems like it's very hard to maintain!
  4. awww thanks guys for the help... now the final question:
    the dark silver or the black? i already have a black chanel but the east/west one in caviar.. so should i go for a dark silver??
  5. dark silver!! i have it and it is very easy to match;)
  6. Dark silver is lovely!
  7. no they don't scratch that easy and if something's spilt on it you can easily wipe it off without worrying of it leaving a stain as long as this is quickly done of course.

    I have a 225 light silver metallic from last christmas with ruthenium h/w.

    Although I love mine I noticed that this year the light metallic silver comes with light met chain so that won't make a contrast with the colour of the bag like mine does while this year's darker (not dark) silver does comes with ruthenium chain and I'd suggest you get this one since you already have an e/w in black! I hope it helps!:yes:
  8. Definitely Dark Silver. The bag is stunning.
  9. dark silver, baby!
  10. Another vote for dark silver! It's gorgeous!
  11. awwww thanks for all the posts... i believe i'm more leaning towards dark silver baby!

    still a toughie.. keep the posts coming :tup:
  12. Dark silver- love it to death!
  13. dark silver!
  14. <--- Just look at mine. No question - dark silver is better :tup::lol: Grab one if you can! :graucho:
  15. cece, which season is your dark silver from? i think the 07 dark silver has more of a rose to it, which i sooo loveee!!! but the dark silver from this collection is more silver??? i'm scared it may be too bright!

    any comments??