Help. Metallic Navy Blue or Black?


Pls help me to choose one?

  1. Metallic Black w. gold chain 227

  2. Metallic Navy Blue w silver chain 227

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  1. If you were me, which one would you get? Metallic navy blue with silver chain or Metallic Black with gold chain? They are both in sz 227. Do you prefer gold or silver chain with metallic leather? Is black too dark for summer? is blue not as classic as black? :angel: I need your opinions please. Bunch of thanks.
  2. I think the black with gold is the most classic, but I prefer the navy with silver. I think the color is stunning, not as common, and great for every season. I love both color hardware, I think it just depends on personal preference and how you're going to wear the bag. I think gold is dressier and best for work, an evening out or dressier events, where as silver looks great dresed down with jeans as well.
  3. I'm dying to get the metallic navy, so my vote goes for that. The metallic black will be easier to match, but I like silver hardware better than gold. Also, the metallic navy is much more eye catching IMO, and still enough of a "neutral" color to be able to be matched with most colors.
  4. I voted for the black, but really love the navy too.
    It was a hard decision, but I think the black would be a better investment.
  5. I used to own a MB reissue and after seein the navy blue reissue, i think it's a lovely color. I wuld go for the navy blue in silver h/w....:smile:
  6. Met black is my favorite reissue color, but I prefer it with silver or the distressed silver HW. I do like gold HW but more so with matte color. The met navy is lovely too. I picked navy because of the HW colors.
  7. I voted for the black because black is the staple and yes, you can carry black in the summer. God knows I did before my collection multiplied.

    That said I love the silver. It's truly gorgeous and it may be a this year only offering where black, maybe not metallic, you can pick up any time finances allow.

    In sum, tough choice -- always follow your heart!!!
  8. metallic navy blue for sure, it's very special and adorable color!!!
  9. The navy is gorgeous! If you already have a black smaller bag do something different. I think you can always get black and that navy is different. If you have so many bags that you can choose to get something a little different and not ordinary go for the navy metallic the gold is very pretty hw.
  10. navy with silver :love:
  11. I vote for navy. The met blk from 2007 was 300 something cheaper, I did not see much difference between the new met blk and the old met blk, except for the chain and maybe the size. Navy is a classic color, you can match it with so many colors and wear it with dress or jeans. For the same price, I am looking for a more exciting color
  12. I vote for navy!
  13. ITA with echo!:yes:
  14. ITA! It's nice to get something in color, yet something that is still easy to match. I find the navy so alluring.

    It will also give a Chanel collection nice diversity, especially if you already own a ton of black bags (like me).