Help, metallic leather smell or stale smoke?

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  1. IMG_0532.jpg
    I'm hoping someone can offer some insight here. My wonderful husband bought me a metallic gold caviar Mini Flap bag from his trip to Las Vegas and got it in the Chanel boutique at his hotel. My question is do the metallic or iridescent leathers smell a little different than regular lambskin or caviar leathers? There is a faint odor when I smell the exterior, and I am afraid it is stale cigarette smoke because of the air in the casinos/hotels! Please advise! It's gorgeous, but I want to know what that smell is from. It is not overtly cigarette smoke, but there's some smell there that is different than leather and I wonder if it is the metallic finish or the stale smoke. Thanks.
  2. I had a metallic Chanel once but honestly I don't remember the smell. Unless your hubby was in a very smoky part of the casino for a long time with your bag I doubt it's smoke you're smelling. Especially one of the hotels that has a Chanel boutique. My DH and I go all the time to Vegas and I bring my Chanel's. I've never had one smell like smoke and I am very sensitive to it. It's a beautiful bag! What a great gift, congrats!
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  3. I must say this color is too nice gorgeusssssss
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  4. +1
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  5. Can't say anything about the smell, but your bag is absolutely stunning! Such perfect neutral! Looks more like a pearl than gold?
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  6. Who cares about the smell, that is a gorgeous bag!!
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  7. When I purchased my pre-loved Givenchy Antigona, it reeked of cigarettes. I didn't think to ask about scent when I bought the pre-loved the bag....I sprayed vodka on the interior of the bag for about a week and got rid of the smell.

    I will spray is lightly each night and have it air out for the next week. I did think continuously for a week. However the interior of the purse is just fabric and not leather. Hopefully that helps
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  8. Omg! I remember seeing that bag, Wynn Las Vegas Chanel boutique. Beautiful bag. I also bring my Chanel bags to the casinos as well and never noticed a smoke smell on them. Congrats on the beautiful bag.

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  10. You are right, it is from the Wynn!
  11. Thank you everyone, you are all so right! It isn't a smoke smell, and who cares! I have a sensitive nose but good enough eyes to see now it is a fabulous bag! I'm so lucky to have my husband surprise me like this :heart:
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    Not that I know of but your such a lucky Wife! Congrats!!!
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  13. I think I know what you mean. My caviar jumbo has a smell that's kind of like smoke...its not a leather smell per se and I was thinking maybe chemical but it's not chemical it's just like cigarette smoke but not. This makes no sense but I know what you're talking about. Lol
  14. Agree agree! My metallic grey flap has a smell too. But not my other metallic bags though
  15. I own few of used Balenciaga bags and in particular this 2003 City was reeked of cigarette smell when it came to me. It was so strong it gave me a headache every time I had it near me. So what I did was, I dabbed few of my favourite essential oil (grapefruit) on a tissue and left it in the bag while I aerated the bag in our laundry which is the sunniest room. I kept replacing the tissue every few days when the essential oil scent had worn off for more than two months (yep no kidding it was that bad). Unfortunately it didn't get rid of the smell completely but at least I can tolerate it.

    Hope this helps!
    Congrats again for your beautiful bag!
    Your hubby is a keeper!