HELP!! Metallic Cream Paddington!?!

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  1. To all you Chloe experts out there i am in desparate need of help.
    I am having issues with a bag that i bought off ebay and wanted to know if a metallic cream chloe paddington with silver hardware was ever released?
    Also the bag had the serial number 02-05-53 on a leather tab that was the same colour as the bag rather than a tan leather tab.
    Is this normal?
    Is this bag authentic?
    Sorry i cant post any pics at this time
    However here is link to one of the sellers other auctions (same bag)
    eBay Australia: BNWT Authentic Chloe Paddington-Metallic Cream !!! (item 170035163340, end time 02-Oct-06 20:03:57 AEST)
  2. Please post any authenticty questions in the Authenticate This! sticky provided.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.