Help!! Mens Messenger Bag

  1. Hey Hermes Experts!! I'm looking for a Hermes Messenger Bag for mens...Are there any good recommendations? Thanks!!
  2. Evelyne. evelyne is a versatile messenger bag. both men and women can carry one. my dh has one. in barenia leather. he slung across his chest, cool-looking, more so when he puts on his aviator shades.:graucho:

    yep, u can choose any colors u want. evelyne is usually available on the shelves at any hermes stores. barenia, ebene, cognac, black, toile, etoupe, orange, potiron, rouge garance, navy blue, rouge vif...:love: combos 4 men.
  3. Thankyou so much dior24!!! Would u mind posting some pix of the Evelyne pls! Thanx a million!:p
  4. Thanks for ther links! I should get searching lol!:push:
  5. There's also the Buenaventura which is a mix of canvas and leather. My husband has one and he loves it. The bag comes in 3 sizes, I think.

    Here's a pic (scroll down): Tuesdays with LaVan: July 2006
  6. Personally, I think the Buenaventura as shown in your photo is better (more masculine looking) for a man than the Evelyne.
  7. LaVan- Is it possible to see more pix of the Buenaventura? I think I would like to get one for my husband. TIA!
  8. Are these the only three messenger bags made by Hermes? May I ask how much the Buenaventura costs, and does it come in the blue jean or raisin (or similar) colours? thanks! :smile:
  9. Isn't there a style called Tibet? I don't know if it is still made.
  10. ^^gga, thanks!! (my dh was looking at this style a few years ago, that is why i remembered it)

  11. Anyone know? :flowers: