Help! Megs Needs Your Quotes/Info for a Story: How to Buy a Birkin/Kelly in Paris!

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  1. I know there are ample threads on this topic, but I wanted to start a new one to see which of you would like to take part in an article I'd like to write for I haven't covered the change in procedure at the Faubourg store, in which you need to get an appointment time and check that time on the site then go in to meet a sale's associate.

    Do any of you have first hand experience that would like to share a bit about how it worked for you?

    What time you showed up to the store?
    Did your appointment time change?
    Were you able to see any bags/get any bags?
    Overall thoughts or comments?

    Would love to include some of you in this piece! If you have pictures of what you purchased, that would be great as well!

    Ok get talking, I need your help!
  2. Hi!
    My experience with the appointment system at FSH (October) is as follows:
    - Arrived in afternoon
    - Was granted appointment for late afternoon, close to closing
    - Appointment changed constantly, moved up and then moved back. Finally settled close to original appointment
    - Asked for B but was offered Garden Party instead

    As a tourist without a regular SA at FSH I prefer the old system overall. When the appointment time moved up, we headed to FSH only to have it move back when we got there! One advantage though to the new system is that there isnt the constant line through the store all day, which is nice, but that being said, a lot of people sitting around waiting for appointments.
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  3. Is the focus of the story only purchasing at FSH or at the other stores too?
  4. I'm sorry dear Megs, I wish I had a story for you, but I've never been to Paris. It's definitely one of my top travel goals! Good luck with your article :heart:
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    I just went today. It was awesome! Here is my story from the Paris thread with a few extra details:

    First off - I heard you can ask your Conceirge for an appt so when I checked in I asked my Conceirge and he said they could do it if you call them months before you arrive. I felt discouraged so stopped by Sevres the day I arrived (Friday). Store is beautiful but I waited for an hour to talk to a sales person in the afternoon and there were no bags. SA said they only get deliveries M-F so try back during week. Was planning on waiting to go to FSH on Monday but I posted in Paris thread to see if it was worth it to go sat and everyone said yes so I got up this morning (sat) and arrived around 9:05. There were about 10 ppl on front door line and six on side door. I picked side door so I was seventh. Not sure if it really mattered in the end.

    Btw - It was freezing. I recommend bringing those hand and foot warmers you use skiing. It was that cold. And waiting 90 min you get really cold in Feb! There was six ppl in front of me. Three guys - one waiting for his wife who was on the front line. And three women. One who told me she got a bag yesterday and was back for another today. Woman behind me also said her husband came yesterday, got a kelly pochette and her daughter wanted a lindy. (I think I saw her getting it inside later). Several people came in pairs with one in front and one on side so that could be a good strategy. I couldn't convince my boyfriend to wait in the cold, he joined me around 10:45

    Entrance - doors opened at 10:30, security checks your bag and then people just rush ahead of you in a mad dash for the sales associates. It seemed like people from the front door all rushed in the same direction. Can't say that one door was better than the other. I just followed the masses. A couple cut in front of me. A sales floor assistant asked me if I was with them, I said no and then she introduced me to my sales associate who took me upstairs and took my list. (No appt was made - perhaps because I arrived early?). I wish I had more info on the appointments but I really don't know who got them. My guess is that once the sales associates are all occupied then they start assigning appointments. When I was wrapping up on the main floor looking at small leather goods (around noon) I did hear one woman ask about how to see bags and the SA asked her if she had an appt and she said no and no appointment was offered so it seems arriving at store opening gives you a better chance.

    List - I told SA I was looking for a birkin 30 or 35, kelly 25 or 28. Gave a few specific colors and also a range of colors - greys, blues, purples - just in case. He seemed to want to get my very first choice to narrow it down a bit and wanted to know how I intended to use the bag - everyday, special occasion. Since it was my first bag I had a lot of different things in mind. (SA also asked if it was my first bag and I said yes - probably with a silly grin in my face) He also said B & K are not always avail so what else might I like. He suggested Bolide and Lindy (which I would not like) so I suggested toolbox 20 or kelly pochette. He types this all into his iPhone and disappeared.

    Offerings - he came back with a B35 in etain and I felt it was too big. It was so beautiful though I was scared to part with it. My boyfriend showed up at this point and thankfully talked me out of it. SA actually went and got me the floor sample B30 to confirm I liked that size. I did - it was perfect. I should have asked for 30 to begin with. SA said he didn't think he had a 30 in that color but he took the bag away and went to look (I literally almost cried) He came back with a B30 in étoupe w/PHW. My first choice of colors!!! We then ended up looking at some twillys, a fourbie and some small wallets. He also showed me a ghilles kelly wallet in ostrich in a light brown color and a jige in raisin.

    I ended up with the B30, a fourbie, a dogon duo in capucine and my bf got a small card wallet.

    Service - amazing. They served me tea on arrival to the table in the main room on the second floor and they moved us to the leather room when he got the bag boxes. They even served us champagne after we selected the B30.

    Once we paid I had all the goodies sent back to my hotel so I didn't have to carry it around. Was much easier than running back to hotel on my own too.

    Let me know of you need any more info. Happy to help in any way I can.

    Here are pics of tea, champagne, bag, leather room and line!

    View attachment 3602709 View attachment 3602710 View attachment 3602711 View attachment 3602712 View attachment 3602713 View attachment 3602714
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  6. You can share your other experience as well! Was focusing on the FSH store, but open to adding other tid bits!
  7. Thank you!! When you go, you can come back with info :smile:
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  8. Thanks so much for sharing! Asking for a B and being offered a Garden Party is a let down!
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  9. Ahh you had an amazing experience and left with quite the haul!! For some reason the attachments aren't working (wonder if it's a tPF problem and if so I need @Vlad to look into it), could you re-upload?

    I will def be using parts of your story for my piece! So you never needed to get an appointment and check the app with your time being updated?
  10. Correct. I assume because I arrived early I was assigned an SA who was free at the store opening. I saw two of the three guys from the line in front of me also sitting at tables on the second floor. I know the one who was in line for his wife was offered a black lindy. That is all I saw before I was moved into the leather room. Will try attaching pics again. I think it may be because I edited my post.

    IMG_1487029834.837055.jpg IMG_1487029857.922133.jpg IMG_1487029874.079432.jpg IMG_1487029892.205795.jpg IMG_1487029906.338728.jpg IMG_1487029927.822958.jpg
  11. One other thing to add - my boyfriend is an amazing people person and he actually took a great interest in the craftsmanship, the leathers, the process and our SA. Asked him about his studies, his career. We knew a lot about him at the end as he did about us. Even discussed meeting up in NY when he heads over next year for an internship. I think that two way exchange really helped make it a special day. Perhaps that is why he was so willing to help me find my perfect bag?
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  12. Yes that visit was a let down! But I can't complain because I scored on previous trips (old system) and at George V.
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  13. What a wonderful story, Jemk...I was living vicariously through you every step of the way! Love your Etoupe/white stitching...stunning, the perfect choice. What a great experience :drinks:
  14. Thank you! I know the story was so long but I was so excited and I hope it helps others :smile:
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  15. Hi Megs! I was in Paris this past summer when the new system was just implemented. My usual SA who sold me my K last summer was on holiday and I was unsuccessful with the new system. I went back this past October and emailed my SA in advance to let her know I would be in town. I made an appointment with her and when I got to FSH, asked for her without having to queue in line for an appt. I was able to get my B35 that day :smile:. Hope this helps!
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