help meeeeeeeeeeee!

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  1. :crybaby:ok - i just found out the PRADA bag i bought on ebay NOV 30 2006 is FAKE! i have emailed seller(who has hundreds of 100% feedback + over 250 transactions:shrugs::shrugs:!!!) and ebay. im on my way to paypal.
    but what are my chances to getting this resolved after 6 MONTHS!!! i could not have it 'authenticated" we have no PRADA store in my city..... and this bag was very limited- its not like everyone had one and i could go compare..... SH*T!!!!!!:cursing::cursing::cursing:

    i put in my letter that

    ' IF this IS authentic- then take it back and u should have no problem in reselling a limited bag that retails for over 2500.00!!!'

    holy crap-! WTF!!!! yeah my first bag on ebay- too good to be true! i feel so sick!

  2. OMG! Did you pay with a credit card?
  3. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure your seller won't take the bag back now and paypal won't help either as the 45 day time limit has long since expired.
    Has the bag been used since November? I know that really isn't the point, but your seller will most likely see it that way.
    If you paid using a credit card you could maybe contact them to see if they can do anything, otherwise I'm afraid you are out of luck.
    Sorry to hear you got a fake!
  4. Sorry to hear you got a fake but unfortunately you are out of time with Paypal. Credit card company is your only hope. You could also report to police in her area it is a crime to conn people & to sell counterfeit items.
    Good luck!
  5. i paid with paypal.

    im thinking of sending it to the PRADA store in NYC with the sellers info!

    oh hell! buh- bye ebay!
  6. its waaaay too late for paypal or the seller

    and unfortunately, I'm not sure prada in nyc will do anything either

    if you paid with your cc, open a chargeback with them, that's about your only chance now since so much time has gone by
  7. Not all sellers are bad though :sad:
    But I think you should definitely mail the seller anyway, is there a way to withdraw feedback and give her a neg? Good luck
  8. also, how do you know it is fake? where was it authenticated?
  9. Good point!
  10. You can still do a chargeback on your CC...but in all honesty there is probably not much that can be dne after all this time.
  11. how did you find out that its a fake? are you 100% certain its fake?

    so sorry you're going through this... hopefully your cc company can help resolve it...
  12. my authentication is based on jills pictures of her bag!

    thanks for all ur replies. i got stuped! and im ticked. i bought it and never used it. (sound familiar..) if there is a prayer- im WRONG and its real. i sent the pics to the PRADA QUEEN will let u know.

  13. OH that sucks, I hope *crosses fingers* that it is real!
  14. Please tell us about this seller!

    Can you still leave a comment to your feedback???
  15. hey gro - will let u know once all my facts are in. i am still praying on a tiny sliver of hope that i am WRONG!