Help meeeeee please! A new handbag..

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  1. I've been agonizing over this for months.. And finally the time has come! I'm getting a new handbag! I'm thinking one of these options:

    lv epi speedy 30 (not sure what colour)
    lv damier neverfull
    balenciaga day or hobo (not sure of the price though)
    Chloe paraty (over my budget unfortunately!)
    Alexander wang coco duffel
    miu miu bow

    Ideally I want to spend around $1500aud ($1300usd)
    This is for an everyday bag, something that will go with everything. I'll probably end up choosing the bag in black. I'm a law student btw (21yo) and will use it for work too.

    Opinions please?
  2. The Balenciaga Day is within your budget, though I would probably choose the City.
    LV Epi speedy is always a classic, and will hold a lot. I find the epi more structured than the monogram (and because of this I have a harder time getting things in and out of it).

    I think things to consider would be what you want to carry in it and how you want to carry it (hand vs shoulder)
  3. I agree with hipnycmom. I wanting to have b-bags and if im gonna get one it would be the City!! I just love the stunning look and i think it would be great for everyday bag.

    goodluck and dont forget to post your purse once you bought it!! :smile:
  4. i'd head for the city as well. if you were willing to pay a bit more then the day seriously is amazing. i own both so i know how they perform.
    personally im not a fan of the neverfull, just because it's everywhere you turn. plus there's so zip closure, u'd either risk being pick pocketed or have everything fall out lol
  5. Id get the LV speedy or Balenciaga
  6. How much over is the chloe paraty? That's my first choice from what you listed.
  7. without a doubt.... order...

    1)Chloe paraty
    2)Miu Miu Bow
    3) LV epi speedy 30

    By the way, congrats on getting a new bag!! Im super jealous
  8. 1-Balenciaga
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    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
    If you're going to use the bag for work in the future as a lawyer, I'd choose either Balenciaga Day or Damier Neverfull. You might want to consider getting a bag that has enough capacity to fill in your work stuff.
  10. Speaking as someone who has also studied law:

    I'm not the greatest LV expert but if you're gonna be a lawyer I vote you start looking like one (and you can keep using the purse after you graduate).

    lv epi speedy 30 (not sure what colour) - Will look smart whatever colour
    lv damier neverfull - If you need to carry papers/books etc

    Others may disagree but I think some of the other choices may look just a little casual.
  11. ^I agree.:yes:
  12. LV speedy in epi- great looking, but not flashy. You can use it now or 20 years from now. better price also that some of the other choices. best of luck.
  13. Bow or the Balenciaga although it is possible to get a pre-loved Paraty for around that price i think..
  14. Agreed, in that order! :smile:
  15. thanks for all your replies everyone! papertiger i agree re the casual thing.. I haven't decided whether i will use a brief case + bag, or just a bag for work (i have no idea how many documents ill need to carry on a daily basis!)

    It seems that ill never come to a decision lol