Help meee !! my speedy ...

  1. Hello
    I have a problem. I was by a football game it the stadium with my speedy mono 30 at the weekend. While the halftime I went into the lounge to eat something. A friend take my speedy. Then I came back and on my speedys sign (louis vuitton made ..) were a blue mark :crybaby: I ask where it came from. he dont know:shrugs:

    How can I get it away?
    Are there any possibilitys?

    Its little but it nervs me so much..

    thanks for your help.:hrmm:
  2. oh you have a picture so we can help you out more? did you try baby wipes?
  3. Oh NO! :tdown:
  4. How about the magic the mark on the vachetta?
  5. Sorry to hear about you bag. Can you post pics please, hon? Maybe we can give you tips on how to fix it.
  6. So sorry to hear that. :push: I hope you get this problem sloved soon.
  7. here is a pic.
    I havent try something. because I want to know from you what i can do. i had fear to make it more badly.

    yes its one the vachetta.
  8. Newspaper print or ink?????
  9. I think magic eraser may be your best option check out the threads on it to see what you think
  10. The pic's a bit blurry but to me it looks like ink. Search for magic eraser threads...I've tried that with my bags and had great results. Good luck & keep us posted.
  11. Just be careful! Good luck!
  12. Magic ereaser will take it out.
  13. You can also try a clean white eraser as well.
  14. Oh no! I hope the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works out for you!
  15. I think your best bet is magic eraser! Try it! Don't be to rough tho!