help mee locate a bag or two...??

  1. ugh! im such a procrastinator... i always pass up the opportunites to get bags i love, and when they're close to gone -i realize that i can't live w/o them :/

    anyways, does anyone know where i can track down a black metallic luxe bowler?? and/or a large (or even medium) black cambon reporter w/ white cc logo??

    i live in so cal, but am so desperate, i'll settle for getting em shipped -but i'm NOT desperate enough to get them from eBay, haha

    any help will be greatly appreciated!! THANKS LADIES...!
  2. I haven't seen any. But if you're serious about getting the bag, give Branden at the Chanel on 57th in NYC a call. His number is (212) 355 5050. He's very nice and should be able to help you find your bag!
  3. Saks NYC - had some cambon reporters - don't know the colors - GL!!
  4. ... thanks!! i will definetly look into that -im so jealous that you have been able to find a helpful SA... all of the SA's that have helped me @ south coast plaza and rodeo chanels are not always very nice to me :/ haha

    ... wow, i think all the bags i need are in NYC Saks!! maybe its a sign :] thank you for the info!!
  5. I only found Branden because he was referred by a friend. She told me that he was nice and she was so right! I think he's a great SA.
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