Help! Medium Hobo with Bamboo - yay or nay???


Yay or Nay??

  1. Yay!!!

  2. Nay!!!

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  1. It's sitting in my shopping bag, but I can't decide if I should get it or not!! Your thoughts would be appreciated!!! :yes:
  2. I luv the medium hobo and the bamboo is HOT!! Uber GUCCI!! :yes:
  3. bamboo isn't my thing, but i think it's really cool, go for it!!!
  4. the gucci site won't let me pay with a cdn credit card and ship to a US address!!! boooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooo :o(
  5. Can you use paypal?
  6. i'm getting the black one with the bamboo!!~
    you should get it...its nice in my opinion. ^_^
  7. i don't think the site takes paypal...*sigh*...and the gucci store in toronto is out of them...boooooooooooo...i'll find one somehow!!!
  8. ^ oh no, that's too bad. i also can't buy from the site since they don't ship to europe ;-(
  9. Oh no! Have you made it to Bloor to buy one? They should be on sale. When I was there a few weeks ago, the SA told me to put away what I wanted because of the sale....
  10. i called the bloor store...they're all out! ah well...guess it's a sign...i wasn't 100% sure anyways...
  11. Too bad.... They had a great selection when I was there a couple of weeks ago...
  12. i cant decide between the black leather and the black gg fabric
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