Help: Medium Coffer vs Mulberry Alexa

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  1. Hi girls,

    I know this is the miu miu forum but I was wondering if you have a choice would u get the miu miu medium coffer or the mulberry alexa?

    A bit of background, I did have the coffer in the regular size but I found it to be too big n heavy. So I thought I sell that n get the small size which is more proportionate to me( I am bout 5' 3).

    Since I sold the bag I have second thought. Now I have a chance to buy a bag I would be able to really use. I couldn't make up my mind n the bf is no help as he doesn't like the coffer shape ( man!! )

    Criteria for the bag:
    a) everyday use
    b) that is not too heavy
    c) sling able
    d) generally a good looking bag

    I currently have a miu miu harlequin bag in pink Rosa but no mulberry bag.

    What are your suggestions girls?

    Thank you for all ur advice!!!!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  2. Ps: something that is easy to get in and out will be best....
  3. A coffer! The alexa is nice and is very popular but I couldn't live without my coffer...
  4. I pick the coffer. It's so beautiful and girly.
  5. hahahah, expected of the miu miu forum.

    Thanks for the input butterfly36029 and krisaya.

    Question: do you guys have the medium coffer? Is it heavy? Is it accessible?
  6. I have the large coffer, not the medium. The large is definitely heavy, it's manageable but heavier than other bags. Heavier than the Nappa Charm for example. I couldn't compare it to an Alexa. And yes, it's accessible and easy to find stuff inside it.
  7. Thanks butterfly36029!!! :biggrin:

    I actually did have the regular coffer, but it was pretty heavy and I seldom use it (Also, I was more in love with the lambskin, but somewhat I got the glazed calfskin! lol) It was a good bag, but also, I dont put much in my bag (small wallet, ipod nano, iphone, a coin purse) so I really didnt need that much space.

    Btw, the more I looked at alexa, the more I think it looks like the bow bag (especially the bottom). Then it got me thinking, since there are some problem with the alexa material. What bout the bow? (Though I got to say, in my place here, there are alot of replica of the bow, so if I would to get it, I stay clear of tan, cream and black lol)

    Bow, Coffer or Alexa?
  8. If regular coffer is too big, u can consider medium. It should be more than enough to fit your stuff. It's not too heavy. Lambskin coffer is very yummy!

    I was also looking at Alexa for a while, but seems there are quite a number of quality issues as seen in the forum.
  9. I have a regular coffer, alexa and bow. I do reach for my alexa more often than my coffer (think it might be because of the colour). I think if you found the coffer to be heavy, then you might find the bow to be a bit on the heavy side too. I'm not sure about the weight of the medium coffer though.

    What colour alexa were you thinking of getting? There are a few issues with them, but I think it's primarily with to the oak leather (it's better to view it in person first and choose the grain before you buy) or the tweed/sparkly ones. It's an easy bag to use and it's also very slouchy, so you'd have to like that look over the prettiness of the coffer :smile: Either way I think they're all great bags!
  10. I have a regular size alexa. It's a very relaxed oldschool look if that's what you are after. I don't own coffer bag because of its weight. I think the coffer style is very girly and sweet. They are both lovely bags. You can't go wrong with either of them.
  11. Thanks girls.

    Actually I have made up my mind.

    I am going with the medium coffer. It always did top my list and I know if I dont get it I will forever think of it.

    So I am going for it.