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  1. I know that I can;t sell or offering anything thru TPF.. but I really need a major help at this time... I really need to sell one of my epi bag which is the sorbonne... I have bought it and use it for twice and never used it since then so no point keepin it.. I m not so good on describing bag like other seller on eBay or anythin... just wondering how should I do with this bag... How should I sell it with nice descent price ?? Please help and I hope u guys understand

  2. Research eBay. Look at listings currently offering the bag and old listings. Look at elux. You will figure it out.
  3. Yes have a look at eBay listings & you will soon learn to describe. Just be honest that it has been used, point out any flaws/marks. Use your own words not anyone elses description as that is illegal on ebay. Then decide how much you want for the bag factor in ebay fees & that's it. Good luck!
  4. Research ebay for the same bag, modify others script and use it for your bag.

    Take a ton of pic's and include them with your auction...

    Good luck!
  5. I have sold lv bags and other designer bags through ebay successfully, LV does really well in particular, some designers do horribly. I agree w/ the above posters, and take GREAT pictures. Be sure to include the bag from the front and side view, a bottom shot, the made in stamp, the datecode, the interior, if there is a dustbag and any cards or a box have that in the background. Also take advantage of how ebay helps you set up your listing in an aesthetic way, you can use different fonts and size of letters, and you can have it centered(I love that). You can put in different backgrounds and you can add a subtitle, put your title in bold and highlight it. Have fun, you'll do great!
  6. ^Couldn't have said it better. :smile:
  7. thanks beana90 :smile: