Help Me!!!!

  1. I am in love with this bag and I have one questions
    Is the Orange Togo Birkin only made with White thread
    or are other thread colors used?

  2. Think I have it wrong the thread is Orange?

  3. if you are able to get a special order made then you can choose any thread color you want.
  4. Thanks I think I made a mistake the blue jean has the white thread???
    I think!
  5. Yes, the standard BJ bags have white stitching unless special ordered otherwise...I think.
  6. Standard BJ - white stitching
    Standard Vert Anis - brown stitching
    Standard Gold - white stitching

    (This is all I know for sure ^^. I am still learning)

    I want to confirm if standard Rouge Garance is with pink stitching? Because my JPG shoulder birkin has pink stitching.
  7. Thanks, keep the info coming!
  8. Should this color be called Potiron?? TOGO
  9. On my monitor it is looking a bit bright, so I say orange.
  10. I'm not too sure about Orange Togo....:confused1:

    But my standard Orange Epsom uses Orange Thread and I've seen the Potiron Togo Birkin and that also uses Orange thread. ;)
  11. It's a bit hard to tell from the pic but I'd lean towardes an Orange 'cos Potiron tends to have more brown tones in it and looks more neutral.

    I believe one of our TPFers have an Orange Togo with Gold HW. Search the Member's Reference Thread to get a second look? :flowers:
  12. My Potiron Birkin has orange stitching. Lindsey's is Potiron, the other looks orange on my monitor. :smile:
  13. Thanks greentea, now I understand there is an orange leather and a Potiron not one and the same.

    Can you tell me is blue jean the only color wtih the white thread?
  14. Lookingood, Hermes Gold comes with white thread.....MrsSparkles has it as standard gold, standard BJ, above, and this is what I have been told, also.
  15. Both BJ and gold CAN be found with tone-on-tone thread, but they are usually special orders. I prefer both with white thread. I prefer potiron with orange thread.