Help Me

  1. i sent the fake purse back to the ebay selller and she never sent my money and now it says she is no longer a registered ebay member!!!what do i do please some one help me theres barely anyone in ebay forum
  2. Did you file a complaint with eBay and PayPal? How did you pay for it?
  3. Did you sent the bag 1st??? You should have waited until you get the refund. Have you kept the sellers adress? It's illegal to sell fakes, don't let her go away w/ that!!!
  4. I think this should be moved to Ebay section..

    file dispute with paypal( I hope you pay with your CC or debit card)
    If you did, contact your CC company or your bank.
    I also hope you return the package with tracking number to prove you returned the item.You must act fast!! Good luck
  5. i paid with a money order
  6. i did put this in ebay forum and no one was in there so i put one in here i was just freaking out
  7. bagsnbags, this thread is also posted in the eBay section..., you need to contact eBay NOW: click on Live Help on the top R of the eBay home page...