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  1. ok so im going to a catholic wedding this weekend, and its gonna be on the beach in michigan so it will be kinda cool and breezy, and i was having problems deciding what to wear.

    i wanna wear this bcbg dress i have, but im not sure if its conservative enough for the wedding, because ive never been to a catholic wedding before, but i know the girl's family is more conservative than not. the dress is cut really low in the front, is about knee length, and has a low cut back

    let me know what u guys think. im attaching a picture of the front and the back.. thanks!!
    formal 001purseblog.jpg formal 256 purseblog.jpg formal 011purseblog.jpg
  2. sorry i didnt clarify, but its the bluish/green dress
  3. All the catholic weddings I've been to have been like other ones. Why don't you just bring a wrap in case you feel uncomfortable? or cold.
  4. hmm what time is the wedding going to be? is it going to be in the afternoon or nightime?. That dress is mostly a day party dress (pref birthday). I would get something abit more formal for a weeding imo...
  5. I would wear a cardi over the dress...conservative AND warm
  6. I think it is fine.......bring a pashmina!!
  7. I think a little wrap would do the trick!! Its so cute, and does not look overly revealing in a bad way at all. I think a cardigan would kind of take away from all the cute detail on that dress. IMO