help me!!!

  1. hi guys, today i've found in a shop a tan paddington at 850 euros!!! do you think it is a goog bargain?
  2. Yes! Get it!!
  3. Hi - yes, that's a pretty good price!!! :yes:
    I assume it's new..?

    That price equates to 581 GBP or 1090 USD :flowers:
  4. If it is new, I think it is a good deal. Tan is a classic, versatile color. :yes:
  5. it is in euros :smile:
  6. Yes - 850 Euros equates to 581 GBP or 1090 USD - for the other members of the forum who may not be familiar with euros;) :flowers:
  8. The spring summer 05 tan was gorgeous. I think it was actually nicer than the this years one (says the girl that has recently ordered this years one ;)). The difference is very subtle anyway, so I say,
    Go for it, it seems a great deal. Just check and double check authenticity :yes:
  9. Definitely go for it!:yes: :flowers:
  10. it's a bargain! go get it if you really like it!
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